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Creil is one of the cities that has played a very important role in the history of France in the Middle Ages. Currently, Creil is a developed city of historical monuments and treasures. The Galle-Juillet Museum is located in the town of Creil.


History of the Galle-Juillet Museum

The museum has been created since the donation of Mrs. Berthe Gallé in 1929 with the love of making the name of Gallé and the Juillet’s name, and that of her husband, continues. Recall that the latter lost his life during the battles of Bouchavesnes in the Somme. At first, this municipal museum was a residence of the bourgeois, a local castel of Louis, count of Blois, Chartres and Clemont. It was also a place of refuge during the Hundred Years War. In the middle ages and early Renaissance, this castle attracted many French kings. Left abandoned by the lord of Chantilly, Louis, it was in ruins and becomes a large house in 1788 with seventeen rooms on the ground floor, first and second floor. It is from 1929 that the castle becomes a museum that bears the names of its original occupants. This museum includes two houses of the castle of Creole whose house Gallé-July and the faience house.


What to visit at the Galle-Juillet museum ?

The Gallé-Juillet museum revives visitors to the 19th century. Indeed, in its interior, it is possible to discover furniture, toys, multiple books, dishes and various paintings that belonged to all generations of owners who have succeeded. To learn more about the history of this museum, besides the guided tour, several brochures and books and many postcards are on sale. These documents present and narrate the past life of this French historical monument. In addition, the Gallo-Roman past of the town of Creil is highlighted by a treasure of the lock with a large number of silver and bronze coins that are presented. In the house of faience, an exhibition of 600 fine-sized pottery Creil and multiple explanatory panels are to discover the history of the past gallo-Roman.

This ancient castle is to discover for those who wish to know more about the history of pottery in Creil, the first industry in the basin that used more than half of its population in the years 1797. It is however clear that as for the castle itself, there is only one tower left. To discover Creil, do not hesitate to book one of our pick-ups, limousines, cars, vans.


It is located in Île-de-France and Picardie. This natural park is of an area of ​​600 km². It is one of the few French parks spread over two administrative regions, including Île-de-France and Hauts-de-France. It is the first Picarde Regional Nature Park.


History and presentation of the Regional Natural Park - Pays de France

The Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park was created in January 2004 by a ministerial decree on the municipalities of the departments of Oise and Val-d'Oise. The main aim of the park is to preserve a peri-urban place while keeping its historical and architectural richness thanks to the thousand and one historical monuments that are there. It is the forest that dominates this park with its 20 000 ha of forest. It is a natural heritage known for its natural sites and its fauna and flora.


What to visit in Oise- Pays de France Regional Nature Park?


In the Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park, we can list the "Natura 2000" sites, which cover 1 / 5th of the park as well as dozens of natural areas of ecological, faunistic and floristic interest. In addition, several natural sites that were already there before the construction of this park are still present. These include the Chantilly estate, the Valgenceuse estate, the Halatte forest, the Ermenonville forest and the Haute Pommeraie, as well as a dozen more.

In addition to natural sites, natural habitats are also to be discovered at the Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park. Amongst others, marshes, calcareous grasslands and known wet meadows are also remarkable. Hydraulic installations in ponds are also there and the famous Étangs de Commelles are part of it.

Basically, the visit of the Oise-Pays de France Regional Natural Park is worth a detour to discover castles, parks and gardens, multiple museums and so many religious buildings and troglodytes. Visitors can also go hiking, enjoy the many leisure activities and still taste the culinary specialties of the region. We can provide you a day rental service, you can contact us to enjoy it.


The Castle of Laversine is located in Saint-Maximin in the department of Oise. The castle of Laversine faces the wide landscape of the valley of the Oise.


History of Laversine Castle

At the time of the Renaissance, the Castle of Laversine belonged to Count Vasco de Souza, a rich Portuguese friend of Francis. The latter decided to cede the castle to the Suze who will be the owners until 1578. He adds a wing to the old castle and includes the sentence "all at the end wears" over a door. Subsequently, the castle has known different owners and degrades over the centuries until Louis Joseph de Bourbon decided to demolish it in 1782 with the exception of sculptures and bas-reliefs, several elements of which will be transported in the garden. Betz by his dear friend, the princess of Monaco. françaisThe castle was sequestrated in 1792 and the estate was fragmented and several lots are auctioned to the famous architect, Jacques Antoine Berthault. A few years later, the Duke of Aumale sells the estate and it was Baron Gustave de Rothschild who bought it in January 1874. During the Second World War, the Rothschild family left the castle, requisitioned by the army German, the neighboring quarries being used for the assembly of the "V1". The castle will be, at the end of the war, a refuge for the American soldiers.


The castle of Laversine nowadays

At the end of hostilities, the abandoned castle will be returned to the Rothschild Foundation. As a result, it has become a shelter and training center for Holocaust orphans (OSE) after having been a Vocational College. Then, the castle of Laversine became a high school and now it is a property of the Regional Council of Picardy, and home to the professional high school Donation Rothschild.

The current castle was built by Alfred-Philibert Aldrophe, an architect who comes from Paris. It is built of stone from the quarries of Saint-Maximin, which also belong to Baron Gustave de Rothschild, on the edge of the plateau. Ask a driver to drive you.


Creil was labeled Playful and Sport city in 2010 and 2013. It is located just 8.2 km from the Horse Museum and 22.3 km from the Sea of ​​Sand. This city is only 40.8 km from CDG Airport and 46.2 km from Beauvais Airport, Orly Airport is more than 74 km away.