Private car transfer from Paris airports to the city of Havre in Normandy


History and activities in the city of Le Havre in Normandy

Le Havre is a port city in the northwest of France, which lies on the right bank of the Seine estuary in the department of Seine-Maritime. It is distinctive for its creation ex nihilo in the modern period by royal will, with the aim to establish a link trade with the New World. Following a rough flight, it became the largest port city in France thanks to its commercial development with the Americans despite the setback of the revolutionary period of 1789-1815. However, the Second World War and the oil shock of 1973 the city dived in a difficult period.



Tourism and sightseeing in the city of Le Havre  in Normandy

The city of Le Havre is represented by various historical places that are recommended for visitors. It is focused on the choice of tourists visiting the tourist sites most remarkable. Graville Abbey is the oldest building in Le Havre. You will also discover the Natural History Museum in Le Havre which dates from the eighteenth century.

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Transfer from Le Havre to Paris airports  in Normandy

The town is about 15 km from the regional park loops and 173 kilometers from Paris. It is 214 km from Orly airport, 189 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 217 km from the airport of Charles de Gaulle.


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