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Its medieval history and its historical monuments make Vendome an interesting city to visit without mentioning the natural beauty. A stay of a few days in Vendome is a great opportunity to know the heart of the history of France and to relax : book a car service in Paris to Vendome.

The known history of Vendome begins in prehistory. During this time, the Loir was left in a few arms to facilitate human settlement. Cause and effect, the troglodyte habitat dug in the hillside on the left bank begins to take place, little by little. During the time of the Roman Empire, Martin de Tours evangelized in the region, thus introducing the Christian religion in the city and its surroundings. During these times there was still talk of the county of Vendome. It is in 1790 that Vendome will be demoted to a simple district. The city was then sub-prefecture of Loir-et-Cher. Since it is located a hundred kilometers from Paris, the city hosted the High Court of Justice for the trial of Gracchus Babeuf and their supporters. It was in 1797. This decision was necessary to ensure serenity during the revolutionary epoch.

A rich story

During the 2nd World War, the Germans destroyed almost 25% of the city of Vendome. Before the war, Vendome was proud of its medieval monuments and castles. The recovery of the city consisted mainly in the development of collective and individual housing, the rehabilitation of roadways including RN 10, boulevard and boulevard, between 1959 and 1976, markets, etc. The urbanization operations held between 1978-1990, had as objectives to distribute equitably the population of the commune and the daily activities.

It was in 1990 that the TGV station was built in Vendome to further improve economic development. Note that since the 17th century, Vendome has always been a garden city that categorizes it as a heritage of green spaces. The castle park and Ronsard Park, both located in downtown Vendome, continue to maintain their reputation as an arboretum for more than 200 years. There is the plane tree since 1750 and the cedar of Lebanon since 1807 to memorize a fantastic story of mosaiculture.

Essential elements

It is difficult not to mention in the history of Vendome the :

  • tower of Islette (13th century),
  • town hall (17th century),
  • half-timbered houses (18th century),
  • wet meadows (19th century) ),
  • Vendome castle (19th century), etc.

Note that these historic monuments have undergone restorations. For you to visit one by one or some of these mythical places of Vendome, we put at your disposal our cars with drivers professionally trained.

It should be noted immediately that Vendome has continued to maintain its title of flower city for years. For 10 years in a row, she has held the “Grand Prix National de Fleurissement”. Even today, Vendome is a very nice city to live with its many parks. The city is designed and maintained on the basis of an architecture ideal for everyday living and for a good holiday.

The people of Vendôme are friendly and endearing. Anyone who lives there or stays there for whatever reason can define Vendôme as a city full of life with its typical three weekly organic markets. Walking around the city center is also a real pleasure. Bring your camera because you will find beautiful places to capture. In short, the quality of life is attractive. The sweetness of life is reinforced by the temperate climate. However, considering the speed of technology and the modern lifestyle, there are a few things worth mentioning.
At night, the streetlights are mostly turned off, which makes long night walks more reduced.

If you wish to take up residence in Vendôme, opt for the option of renting rather than buying a property. Not far from the capital, real estate prices are quite high. Anyway, the city of Vendome deserves a tourist visit that will stay for a long time in your memories. Whether you are in Vendome for a business trip or for a tourist stay, know that we can provide a day rental service.

Translated literally, Vendome means “white mountain” and marks the tourist reputation of the city. Indeed, you can walk on the small bridges and the canals that look like two arms that enclose the city. Some say that Vendome represents a little Venice on Loir. If you make the round trip, you will spend at least 5 hours of time, without going into the details of interesting things or doing entertainment activities.

The Vendome castle

In the southern part of the city is the Vendome castle which is no longer in its original state. Here you have panoramic views of the entire city. It is only 300 meters from the city center.

The Rochambeau district

If you like stables, rides and ballads along the river, the Rochambeau district is for you, and without too much pecuniary expenses. This 40,000m² neighborhood is still undergoing restructuring. You can enjoy the Tour d’Istelle along the river named “Loir”.

Sainte-Madeleine church

You will not miss to visit the religious infrastructures of Vendome. The Sainte-Madeleine church is one of them. It was built in the 15th century and renovated in the 19th century with a nice ceiling that is out of the ordinary, resembling a boat hull.

Ronsard Park

A little on the northern part of the city is the town hall, which was a high school Ronsard before rehabilitation. Ronsard was a 16th century writer and a park also bears his name. Park Ronsard is worth the detour. This visit will allow you to observe the wash-house in the north-east part of the park. It is a wooden washhouse that had special features for washerwomen in time (until the 50s).

Other buildings not to be missed

Visit the Chapel St Jacques, the Romanesque church Abbey of the Trinity, the place St Martin where remains to observe the steeple of the church razed by the war, all while passing by the door St Georges. This door, south of the city, dates from the 14th century and is among the other 2 to enter the city of Vendome.

Mythical places

If you are passing by, do not miss the large shopping street, the restaurant at the Loir Mill, the covered market rebuilt glass in the 20th century following the German bombing. These are the mythical places and not to be missed to find some souvenir items. They are numerous, are not they? To enjoy it, contact us to benefit from a car service from Paris airport.

Vendome is one of the Provençal towns closest to Paris. It is just 35.5 km from the Château Royal de Blois, 77 km from Zoo Parc de Beauval and 42.8 km from the International Garden Festival De Chaumont-sur-Loire. If you have to reach Paris airports, Vendome is 198 km from Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport and 166 km from Paris-Orly Airport.

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