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History and tour of the Arab World Institute in Paris

The Institut du Monde Arabe or IMA is a private entity that seeks to publicize and promote the Arab civilization. He was born of a mutual agreement between the League of Arab States and France. It is located on the Mohammed V square at 1 rue des Fosses-Saint-Bernard, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. It has a documentation center, an Arab-Muslim art museum, a library, a bookstore, a gourmet restaurant and an image and space. The IMA is part of the EPRA or Exchanges and Radio Productions and the Forum of foreign cultural institutes in Paris. A branch of the IMA is open to Tourcoing since last year.

The IMA was created with the support of a Franco-Arab foundation, composed of the French Republic and eighteen Arab countries gathered in the League of Arab States. These states signed the founding act Feb. 28, 1980. Six months later, their respective ambassadors gave their approval of the statutes. A college decree of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Interior recognized the charitable foundation 14 October 1980. The institute was raised following the designs of architect Jean Nouvel and Architecture Studio society. They tried to blend the two cultures, Arab and Western, for the plan of the building. This was a bridge between East and West. It was built to improve diplomatic relations between Arab countries and France. French President François Mitterrand, proceeded to the inauguration of the Institute of the Arab World November 30, 1987. In 1988, Libya joined the founding members of the IMA in the League of Arab States, followed a year later by Palestine and Egypt. A decree of 28 March 1996 the French government appointed as Financial Controller of the institute.

In architectural terms, Jean Nouvel represented the relationship to the ancient city on the north side of the building. However, he conceived the south facade with historical themes of the Arab geometry. It consists of panels reflecting moucharabiehs. At the beginning of the design, diaphragms embedded in them to allow them to open and close depending on the brightness. Due to technical failures of this device, the opening and closing are now determined by the time change. The terrace offers a perspective on the Ile Saint-Louis and the apse of Notre Dame. In 1987, the building received the price bracket of money and Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

Since 2007, a full directorate supports exhibitions and permanent museum setting. To promote Arab culture and civilization itself aims. Four, five and seventh floors are the permanent museum of the institute. They shall bring into force the expansion of Islam, the Arab-Islamic world and the Arab world before the Hegira. For cons, the heritage of Arab countries from different periods is illustrated through exhibitions. Each fall, the institute is organizing a major exhibition and thematic exhibitions.

The Arab culture and civilization are put forward by the encyclopedic collections of the Library of the IMA. The structures allow the public to know and understand the Arab world. The library is open to everyone for free. The documents are available on-site only. It should be noted that the Institute of the Arab World has a quarterly magazine called Qantara.

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The Institut du Monde Arabe is located 18 km from Orly Airport, 32.3 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 99.5 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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