Shuttle transfer to the castle of Blandy-les-Tours

The castle of Blandy-les-Tours is a gothic castle that is in the town of Blandy-les-Tours and the department of Seine-et-Marne. It is located near the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte. The castle is located to the center of the village of Blandy.


Description of the castle of Blandy-les-Tours

The castle of Blandy-les-Tours is a medieval building that was built with an area of ​​rounded hexagonal accompanied tournelles. The castle consists of six towers including: square tower, the North Tower, the Tower of Justice, the tower archives, the tower and the tower guards. The dungeon is a strong tower measuring a height of 35 meters with three issues. The bases of the last three turrets are based in Fontainebleau sandstone and the upper floors are built of millstone. Castle Blandy is the evocation of a fortress dating back to the thirteenth century, rebuilt in feudal residence as others dating from the late fourteenth century. This is one of the last representatives of medieval military architecture of the Ile-de-France. The house was originally built still stands north of the fortress of Blandy-le-Tours. It consists of four towers with a square tower or "gate-tower", two cylinder-shaped towers and a square tower. His door was fortified added a drawbridge arrows. The presence of a main building in the courtyard stands out and back wall extends towards the initial gap.


History of the castle of Blandy-les-Tours

The castle of Blandy-les-Tours was built in the thirteenth century, it is the witness of the times in the history of the manor castle from the residential castle before breaking residue. The castle was pronounced for the first time in history since year 1216. In the fourteenth century the pardons were made to the fortress in order to fortify. During the Hundred Years War, many changes have been undertaken to improve the castle. Thereafter the claim counts Tancarville, the castle was transformed into a base defense and residence during the Hundred Years War. Widening project were made in the sixteenth century under Francis II of Orleans Longueville. In 1883, the castle of Blandy-les-Tours is a property of the state after changing hands several times. In 1992, the castle was passed under the authority of the General Council of Seine-et-Marne. It is then that the castle had a complete rehabilitation program directed by Jacques Moulin, a chief architect of historical monuments. It is through this project that the site has been fully embellished and open to the public.


The main events of the castle of Blandy-les-Tours

Between the fourteenth century and 1371-1387 years, work to expand the area have been put in place to strengthen the castle. Since the 1970s, organizations charities began initial work to preserve the area. The castle of Blandy-les-Tours has been classified as historical monuments since the year 1889. The castle was officially reopened to the public in September 2007.


The castle of Blandy-les-Tours

Visitors to the castle of Blandy-les-Tours prose visitors every Sunday afternoon from April to October of small forms of traveling theater, music and choreographic performances. These suites of activities are often organized in the hall of the audience or in the courtyard. During the cultural season, specific events are identified such as hiking the three castles, the medieval May and heritage days and sleepless night. From the first season opening of the castle of Blandy-les-Tours, visitors have the privilege of meeting several living authors. In the large room gallery, the public can discover the history of the castle through the exposure of objects renovated.

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Transfer from the Castle of Blandy-les-Tours to Paris airports

The Château de Blandy-les-Tours is 60.9 km from Orly airport, 157 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 81.3 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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