Private transfer from Bagneux to Charles de Gaulle airport

History and activities Bagneux
The name of the city comes from the Latin balneolun Bagneux, this means the existence of thermal waters in this region. Since Neolithic times, the city was occupied by Bagneux humans. Remains attest to this statement. Also written testimonies from the Merovingian period have been preserved. Bagneux became a fief of the chapter of Notre-Dame de Paris in the ninth century. In the fifteenth century, the city was affected by civil wars and wars in the 16th century religious. This succession of struggles has brought negative consequences to the city. In 1787, the town was incorporated as a municipality, and during the Revolution. The units were built in 1960. Until today, the city retains its version of history and culture.

Tourism and visits Bagneux
Historical sites in the city of Bagneux are diverse, you can find throughout your stay at your destination. The sundial is a marvel preserved in the city and registered in 1935. La Maison de Richelieu is a XVIIth century. It is open for guided tours. Besides these monuments adds the beautiful Church of St. Hermeland. This religious building was built in the twelfth century. The former rectory and cemetery in Paris are also seen in this city.
With the wonders that this city, it is impossible to miss the most privileged places and tourist attractions. However, to ensure a tourist in Bagneux best, you need a way to transfer effective. Our cars are based on the three following offers: collective shuttle, private car and luxury car VIP. They are equipped with modern facilities and are very comfortable. A reservation is a good ideal for organizing your program. Thus, trust our service because it is high quality.

Airport transfer from Paris Bagneux
Bagneux is 2 km and 8 km Montrouge Paris. This destination is 29.6 km from CDG Airport, 8.8 km from Orly Airport and 74.5 km from Beauvais Airport



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