Shuttle visit to Saint-Leu et Saint Gilles Church in Paris

History and visit the church of St. Leu and St. Gilles in Paris

The church of Saint-Leu Saint-Gilles is a church classified as a historic monument since 1915. This is kind of a Catholic church parish. It belongs to the Archdiocese of Paris. Construction began in 1235 and work was completed in 1780.

The history of the church of Saint-Leu Saint-Gilles and dates back to 960. A Breton bishop fled to Paris with holy relics to rescue occupants Denmark and settled in the chapel of St. Bartholomew. The increase in population led to the construction of a much bigger church where the church of St. Leu and St. Gilles. This church has experienced damage caused by the revolution and the transaction relics, but also periods of closure.

This church is Gothic. The main façade has two dungeons special features. The center turret is a huge clock surmounted by a pediment. The establishment of the structure of the tower was made by the carpenter William Guerin. The sides are shaped by sculptures and friezes. The portal is crowned by a tympanum fitted with very fine detail.

The interior of the church is decorated with simple decorations. It is characterized by the presence of several windows bringing scintillating light inside the building. It has a nave and transepts are nonexistent. This monument is surrounded by an ambulatory and garnished collateral. Under the choir is a crypt, dating from the nineteenth century.

Shuttle transfer to the church of St. Leu and St. Gilles in Paris

The church of St. Leu and St. Gilles is located in the 1st arrondissement on the rue Saint-Denis. Its distance from Orly Airport is 20.8 km, Charles de Gaulle Airport and 28 km from Beauvais Airport and 87 km.

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