Shuttle to the Abbey of Saint-Victor in Paris

History and visit the Abbey of St. Victor in Paris
The abbey of Saint-Victor is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. It is an old religious institution headed by a priest well known during the Middle Ages to the stringent regulations and these studies prosperous. This abbey is placed in the quadrangle where the University of Jussieu. The realization of this building was made in 1110.

It was founded by William of Champeaux for an organization canon of Saint-Ruf in Avignon. It was a place of very considerable intelligence western world. Areas that are addressed concern the philosophical and theological. Many abbots of this monastery are well known in the world of religion as Hugues de Champeaux, Richard of St. Victor, Hugh of St. Victor.

The abbey of Saint-Victor had a library which contains no less than twenty thousand manuscripts. It had arcades maintained by groups of columns. The impressive tower and the crypt were réédifiés during the regime of François 1st. This abbey had a cemetery where ten thousand dead were buried with Santeul poet, theologian Pierre Comestor.

The Abbey of Saint Victor was destroyed in 1790, giving way to the wine market in 1808 and currently the university. Part of the former site of the abbey was turned into the street with the street Guy de la Brosse and rue Jussieu. There was nothing left of the abbey tower called an "Alexander", it was demolished in 1840. It was replaced by a huge fountain called "La Fontaine Cuvier."

Shuttle to the Abbey of St. Victor in Paris
The Abbey of Saint-Victor at a distance of 17.8 km from the airport of Orly, 30.7 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 101 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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