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History and visit the Sainte Chapelle in Paris

The Sainte Chapelle is also known as the Sainte Chapelle du Palais. It is located on the Boulevard du Palais on the Ile de la Cité in Paris. It celebrates the Roman Catholic worship. The dominant building of this chapel is the Gothic style. It is attached to the Ministry of Culture. The construction of this magnificent gem began in 1242 and ended in 1248. It is classified as a historic monument since 1862 and as a world heritage site since 1991. Its construction is made at the request of Saint Louis to retain a portion of the True Cross, the Crown of Thorns, but also other religious relics. The Crown  was purchased from the Venetians in 1239 while the fractions of the Cross and some tools of torture were purchased Baldwin II in 1241.

The Sainte Chapelle is one of the remains of the palace of the city. The palace of the city was the site of the current courthouse. Some of these ornaments either internal or external are replaced following the destruction during the revolution. The management of this chapel is provided by the Centre of National Monuments. It is given in respect of donation to the center following an order dated 2 April 2008. It is part of the national monuments that receive a large number of visitors preceded by the Mont-Saint-Michel and the Arc de triomphe.Ce monument receives an average of 800,000 visitors from over 40 countries each year. It is accessible by metro station City.

The Sainte Chapelle is considered the apotheosis of Gothic art. It is built according to plans drawn by Pierre Montreuil and Jean de Chelles. It is a unique building whose function is to preserve the relics, but also royal chapel. It has two chapels, the lower chapel accessible to the people and the upper chapel reserved for royalty and conservation of the famous relics. The lower chapel is a chapel of the Virgin. It serves as a support for the upper chapel. It has a low ceiling surrounded by towering columns. While the original walls of the upper chapel are substituted by large windows. These windows depict religious scenes such as the Exodus, the book of Judges, the story of the relics of the Passion, or the life of Saint John the Baptist. The nave has windows of 4.70 meters in width with 15.34 meters. They are rewarded by spectacular roses. For cons, the apse has windows of 2.10 meters width 13.45 meters.

The Sainte Chapelle was destroyed due to numerous events such as fires, floods and revolution. Renovations were undertaken in the mid-19th century. Several architects have contributed to the repair of the chapel, Félix Duban, Boeswillwald Emile Jean Baptiste Lassus and Viollet le Duc. The restoration of interior ornaments began to take shape in 1857. The sculptures that adorn the chapel are renovated by the workshop Geoffroy Dechaume specialist in the arts of the Middle Ages. Currently, renovations are underway on the windows of the upper chapel destroyed during a storm in 1999.

Transfer to the Sainte Chapelle in Paris
The Sainte Chapelle is located at a distance of 17.6 km from Orly Airport, 28.7 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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