Car service from Paris Charles de Gaulle to the National Library of France



Do you like to devour books and discover those rare witnesses who tell you about the history of the old days? If it is this passion which pushed you to visit Paris, a detour to the National Library of France is essential. The activities of this institution are spread over seven sites, the best known of which is the library called Bibliothèque François Mitterrand in tribute to the French president who built it. This majestic building located in the 13th arrondissement erected in 1995, at the edge of the Seine, is also the largest in France of its kind.

This library owns some of the works of the National Library, Richelieu avenue. We owe the plan of its construction to the architect Dominique Perrault. From its height of 79 m, it is designed in 4 turns of angles in glass and steel whose shape resembles an open book. Each tower has its specialty: Tower of Time, Tower of Letters, Tower of Laws and Tower of Numbers. The forecourt is occupied by a beautiful Scots pine garden which is not accessible to the public but can be seen inside the site thanks to the structure of the glass. This corner of the garden gives a feeling of serenity of the place. Visitors and students can read a multitude of documentary resources (encyclopedias, collections, books, posters, multimedia sound media, etc.) inside this library. Overall there is an archive of 30 million documents, some of which are royal collections from the Middle Ages, manuscripts, coins, medals, prints, sets etc. The place also holds exhibitions where visitors can admire the 2 globes of the 17th century. During your visit of this calm and serene place, if you have a hollow in the belly, know that there are several places of restoration like the coffee of Globes, the Coffee of the Times, the club of letters etc. Also know that you can have a home guide with magnetic loops in this monumental ensemble.

The neighborhood is very lively outside with demonstrations skaters, rollerbladers and cyclists on the wooden square. You can take the Simone de Beauvoir bridge to visit the neighborhood of Tolbiac. This passage on the bridge gives you a beautiful view of the Seine and the library. On the other side, you will find a cinema complex, food trucks … And if you still have time, push to the Frigos. This cold building hosts around one hundred works by artists and craftspeople who exhibit their exhibitions, especially during the Open House Weekend.

The historic site of Richelieu is in the 2nd district but this site of François Mitterand is located in the 13th. If you want to get there from your hotel, you have to choose an adequate transport. The one we offer is our collective car service because a taxi may cost you with traffic. To save time with a driver who knows Paris perfectly and who will take you to the Library of France as soon as possible, trust our transport. Our experienced driver will take you to Paris, to your hotel and take you where you want to go. The other advantage of this option is that we offer a flat rate at very advantageous prices regardless of the traffic. Do not hesitate to book your race in advance.

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