Private car transfer from the Château de Rouillon to Paris airports

The Chateau de Rouillon is a property of the seventeenth century which lies 50km south of Paris along the Seine. It is surrounded by a green park of 2 hectares typically French . It is now one of Guest ‘s most visited France .



Description Chateau de Rouillon

The castle is privately owned Rouillon designed in a dignified architecture e Kingship . Infrastructure old , the field is surrounded by a green park that makes her special . The area is now a guest house known for its natural beauty. For tourists looking for a place that allows them to remain calm , the property is ideal . Original garden every corner of the space, it is impossible not to have a conscience out of trouble and the routine of everyday life . Rooms at the Chateau are decorated in an indescribable luxury. However , unlike other castles can be visited in the region, the class of the ornament of the castle is both simple and modern .

The property and plays a wedding modern era and a retirement atmosphere due to its architecture. Trees and shrubs that make the park are amazingly carved a unique and strict way on all along the aisles. The property is known by the quality label as the ” House of France ” with the particularity of the decoration of its exterior. The area has a summer terrace ready to welcome a group of family or close friend to reconnect more privacy. The particularity of the Castle is that this building does not allow its customers to feel away from home . All the decoration and locations of things, even the smallest details were calculated to satisfy all those who set foot .


History of Castle Rouillon

The castle belonged formerly to Leo Franchetti commander scouts Horse Seine. He died at the Battle of Champigny in 1870. Today, the property is housed in beautiful guest room, and has been since 2001.

The village where the castle is located had a difficult history. Formerly the property of emigrants lords were confiscated. Land Castle Massoury belonged to the King of France were split . In 1793, overnight, an abbot called Lejeune hid the remains property of the King to hide in the church of Chartrettes at the risk of his life. Indeed, the young priest did everything to prevent the desecration of goods King. The castle itself was built in 1595. It was built in a reproduction of Henri IV Chateau de Fontainebleau pavilion. In 1834 , Baron Allouis there built a washhouse .


The activities of the Château de Rouillon

As most of the castles in the area , the property is one of the places that attracts great film directors . Many are so great personalities seeking to turn their film or at least a part of their feature in the field .

The professional pictures taken are not , either, unknown to the scene. Large French and foreign designers are often inspired by the order reigning in both domestic and external architecture of the property.

Apart from these professional activities , the castle offers customers a variety of sports to do throughout the holiday activity. Customers have a choice of tennis, golf, horseback riding , swimming … and so many other choices yet . Indeed, large and small are served by the B and all choices are available to them . For what is more theater-like environment , the area features a video library. For fans of books and novels, the castle library is available. The property also has a petanque and even water skiing. The castle itself offers parts foosball those who came there as a group.

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Private car Transfer from the Château de Rouillon to Paris airports

The Chateau de Rouillon is 214 km from the city of Paris . This destination is 204 miles from Orly Airport 237 km from Charles -de- Gaulle Airport and 296 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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