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The castle of Vives Eaux is an area that locates in the French town of Dammarie -les- Lys and the department of Seine -et-Marne . It lies on the banks of the Seine and a half kilometers from the magnificent forest of Fontainebleau instead says Vives Eaux . The estate is located in an ideal geographical setting for moments of relaxation , walks and walks. It is located 50 km southeast of Paris .


Description Castle Vives Eaux

The castle of Vives Eaux was destroyed and then rebuilt to give it its present appearance . It is a large building made ​​of brick assigned a room on the top floor which is open in the slate roof. The area was home to a main building that was destroyed in a fire in the late nineteenth century and was rebuilt some time later . It also has five pavilions arranged in a horseshoe. It also has an indoor pool that was built in the mid 70s and accessible from a heated underground . The castle of Vives Eaux is characterized by twenty pieces on a surface of 1280m ². The castle consists of private apartments , rooms for seminars, workshops for an area of ​​3400m ². The building is surrounded by a park with an area of ​​18 acres fenced , landscaped 1884. It features a full-foot terrace , a pleasure to irregular paths with river garden. It features a waterfall, a cave, a pond and a vegetable garden with a greenhouse.


History of the castle of Vives Eaux

The castle of Vives Eaux is a castle that was built in the late eighteenth century by the architect Jacques Gondouin known for achieving the Faculty of medicine in Paris for himself. This building was owned by several owners including: Monsieur de Châteauvillard and Monsieur de Chelaincourt . In 1856 until 1918 , the castle belonged to Therese Humbert Humbert was married to Frederick , the prefect of the Seine and Marne between 1889 and 1885 years . She was born Daurignac and was the source of a financial crisis that almost caused the entire left part of France . It was not known by the public after it rose to the top of the social hierarchy with its motto " I will, I will ." For over 20 years , she lived in dishonesty in pushing some of its creditors to commit suicide or to dismiss him , but also to push the president of the republic to abdicate. After the bankruptcy of the latter, the castle was bought by Vives Eaux Lopez Perez.


The main events of the castle of Vives Eaux

The castle of Vives Eaux was proposed to become the national center of Rugby . Then, between 20 October 2001 and 15 February 2008, he was hired by TF1 and Endemol to develop the set of their TV show Star Academy. From season 1 to season 7 and season 8 filming were undertaken . The castle has seen past several celebrities throughout the filming such as Phil Collins and Maria Carey . This opportunity is the castle of a famous Vives Eaux area. Unfortunately , the passage of Star Academy candidates left in the field was wrong according to the testimony of former and current owner. François Dussault site owner has confirmed with the help of a bailiff that production has sacked the castle , leaving broken windows , the tagged walls , floors and more saggy . Castle Vives Eaux is currently private property closed to the public and can be visited from the outside only.

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Transfer from the Castle -Eaux Vives to Paris airports

Castle -Eaux Vives is located 542 km from the city of Paris . This building is 524 km from Orly Airport 565 km from Charles -de- Gaulle Airport and 629 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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