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The Castle is a Voisenon historic homes that make the reputation of the Department Seine-et- Marne in France . This castle has housed formerly known figures of French history. Today, the property can be visited by the public, but only from the outside.



Description Castle Voisenon

Castle Voisenon is a renaissance castle . It was built long ago by the family of rockets Voisenon in a classic look . In the fifteenth century , the house was home to a great poet , a close friend of the great French writer Voltaire . Indeed, among the members of the Rocket family had Voisenon , Father Claude -Henri Voisenon , who died in 1775 at the Chateau . This was the last abbot of the abbey Jard and was ranked as one of the little son of Louis XV . The castle now houses a boarding school girl run by nuns .



History of Castle Voisenon

From the thirteenth century until the late seventeenth century , the castle belonged to the Rocket family Voisenon . Under the orders of Louis XVI , the castle was completely restored in 1815, it was rebuilt in a Greek Revival style . The house has since been redesigned by its successive owners , the Marquise The lingerie . In 1887, the Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul moved into the Castle. They will undertake the education of young girls in the village and the sick until 1911. In 1930 , the Sisters of Nazareth ownership of the house and there install the boarding school girl. In 1940 , Germans settled there for four years. In 1944, the boarding school takes possession of the castle and puts up a school for girls . In 1975, the school became mixed and welcomes all young people of the village and even those in neighboring villages.

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Transfer from Castle Voisenon to Paris airports

Castle Voisenon is located 55.9 km from Paris . This destination is 39.5 miles from Orly Airport 66.1 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 142 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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