Private car transport from Charles de Gaulle airport to Avant-lès-Marcilly

Located in the  Aube  departement and the Champagne-Ardenne region, Avant-les-Marcilly is a city in France. The village has had several names over its history. Indeed, in 1793, it was known under the name Avant to change Avans in 1801. In 1919, the name of the town was spelled “Avant-lès-Marcilly.”

This town has preserved its heritage over the centuries. Also, during your stay in the village, you will have the opportunity to enjoy his civil and religious monuments.
Discover the Avant-lès-Marcilly church. It is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. Its construction began in the twelfth century. You can discover the nave. It was rebuilt in the eighteenth century. The latter, its bell tower and its portal is Romanesque. Part of the church is Gothic.
Do not miss the megaliths of the city. You will be able to notice the stone-menhir said the cock. It was built mainly in the Neolithic period. This was the subject of a registration as a historic monument in 1989.
Many historical vestiges are still visible in the small village of Avant-lès-Marcilly including menhir stone Marguerite, the polisher coast des Ormeaux and megalithic enclosure of the village cemetery. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to observe the plaque at the entrance of the cemetery.
To explore the city of Avant-lès-Marcilly, it is possible to book our airport  transfer service. We offer and our car collections that ensure your tourist route in the city and to nearby sites. You have the choice between collective shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car.

The small village of Avant-lès-Marcilly is located 33 km from the direction largest city and around 104 km from Paris. This destination is 124 km from Charles de Gaulle airport, 125 km from Orly Airport and 201 km from Paris Beauvais airport.

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