Private car transfer to visit the Hotel de Rohan in Paris

The Rohan was built for the family of Rohan by architect Pierre Alexis Delamair. Its construction began in 1705. It is located on the old street of the Paris City Hall. Currently, it houses the National Archives with the Hotel de Soubise. It is classified as a historic monument since November 27, 1924.
The front of the Hotel de Rohan is built with a classic style. Its main body has two levels of four columns accompanied by large glass windows. Of ornamental sculptures decorate the front with a touch of simplicity. While the façade opens onto the courtyard is a bit narrow and designed with a somewhat eloquent style. Houses that were in the courtyard were demolished to build a huge courtyard and another small opening on the street four son. For the main door that opens onto the stable, decorations respecting the elegance of Versailles was adopted. The ground floor of the hotel as it is seen now no longer retains its original decorations.
The hotel has a huge input oval hall leading to the square room, the staircase as well as the staircase. The first floor has a large entrance hall with five large windows. Another room that served as dining room was decorated with paintings of Brunetti. The company room also known as the music room is adorned with decorations from 1750 and 1751, the woodwork in white and gold. This floor has a small apartment containing a small vestibule and a wardrobe now replaced by a square room. The hotel has a room named firms monkeys. This room is decorated between 1749 and 1750. Its original chimney is replaced by another after cuts in the city of Paris. The entrance of the hotel and the panels are painted woodwork by Christophe Huet door.
The Hotel de Rohan was a mansion built for Armand Gaston Maximilien de Rohan. After his death, three cardinals and bishops of Strasbourg have succeeded in places. The stable yard was built under the orders of Armand Gaston nephew of the owner. The hotel was confiscated during the revolution where the dispersion of these furniture. Part of the collections of his splendid library is currently in the Arsenal Library. The hotel is owned by Napoleon in 1808. He welcomed the imperial printing, and Royal National in 1809. The area of ​​the entire land measuring 8,000 square meters was not enough for printing. It covered an area of ​​10,000 square meters. The National Printing abandoned places in 1927 to expand into the street from the Convention.
Adjustments were made to the Hotel de Rohan, whose large works, renovation of apartments located in the first floor as well as the rebuilding of the stairs. The renovations were led by Robert Danis. The inauguration of the new palace was completed May 30, 1938 by President Albert Lebrun. After the reorganization, the hotel has gained area. The minutes of the notaries of the city of Paris is located in the former stables of the hotel.

From Orly airport to the Hotel de Rohan , there are 23 km to go in 53 minutes.Pour join the Charles de Gaulle airport 23 km, there should be 44 minutes away. Paris Beauvais Airport is located 80 km from the hotel de Rohan which is 1 hour and 23 minutes.

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