History of the church of Invalides in Paris


History and visit the church of Les Invalides in Paris

The dome of the church was opened in 1677. By cons, construction did not end until 1706. It is dedicated royal church in the same year. This church was designed to accommodate the residents of the hospital invalid. It was considered a cathedral of the Catholic Diocese for armies. The architect Jules Hardouin Mansart designed the plan of this church. He planned a church in the shape of a Greek cross installed on a square plan. The facades of the church were made by two orders placed one above the other.

The church of Saint Louis des Invalides is characterized by its remarkable dome. The dome is separated from the whole building with stained glass windows. It is placed on an airlock and the second floor has large windows. The ornamentation of the dome marks a major development of the classical style. The lower part of the drum is framed by columns grouped in pairs. These columns frame the large windows topped by rounded architraves. The consolidation of these two columns provides a great balance to the dome. To reinforce the strength of the dome, ornamental motifs spiral are added to the mix. A fresco of Saint Louis adorns the church. She is accompanied by a lily and musician angels. The dome is in oval shape is framed by gilded motifs as well as fire pots. It measures 107 meters in height. It is crowned by a tower. He was considered the highest of the city of Paris before the building of the Eiffel Tower monument. The dome is a pavilion-shaped square. It is surrounded by monolithic monuments needle quadrangular shape surmounted by a capstone.

The church of Saint Louis des Invalides has direct access to the dome of the disabled. The dome was considered a royal chapel, as it was for royalty. Its construction lasted almost 27 years. At the big difference from other churches, only the interior of the church is adorned with French flags. Flags belonging to enemies are traditionally installed under the roof. One terminal of the sacred land and a terminal of the Way of freedom are placed to the right of the entrance of the church. The church was attached to the entire hotel invalid in 1676 and opened to the armies in 1679.

The church of Saint Louis des Invalides has a magnificent colonnade. It is inspired by the colonnade of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, yet the changes were made. She was scheduled to have a high degree of autonomy in relation to the church. It is supported by four pavilions and crowned by a mini-dome. The upper part of the church was carried out from 1687 to 1690. The entrance to the church is decorated with lilies, abbreviations First of Louis XIV and St. Louis. The interior of the church dome consists of two floors. It has a part in land that welcomes the crypt of Napoleon. Inside the dome is decorated with paintings showing the union between the Catholic Church with royalty as well as the persistence of the dynasty. The church has several chapels as the angle which houses the tomb of Marshal Foch, the middle chapel houses the tomb of heart Vauban chapel.

Transfer to the church of Les Invalides in Paris
The Church of Les Invalides is located at a distance of 18.3 km from Orly Airport, 33.1 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 88.3 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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