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History and visit the Rue Ordener in Paris

Ordener street is a street in Paris belonging to the 18th district. It lies in the districts of Clignancourt, Grandes-Carrieres, and Goutte d'Or. Measuring 2020 m long and 20 m wide, it starts at 73 rue Marx Dormoy 1 Chapel Street and ends at 191 rue Championnet Street rue Vauvenargues and Georgette Agutte. The Mayor of the district stands in the street.

Historically, this street belonged to the old town of  Montmartre. It was initially part of the Marcadet street, a   part of the Portes Blanches street   who previously called Way of the Cross Moreau. It  was also a part of the street Cloÿs. Built in 1858, it opened as well as its ranking in the Paris road is effectuèrent May 23, 1863. On March 2, 1867, she took the name Ordener street tribute to Major General French division, Michel Ordener.

It is in this street was laid Notre Dame de Clignancourt May 3, 1884 the foundation stone of the Church.

The first bank robbery with use of car are effected December 21, 1911. The Bonnot gang was targeting Societe Generale.

In 1891, a market is held every Wednesday and Saturday mornings on the sidewalk Ordener street at No. 176. From 185 to 203, there was a vast land on which were built many houses made ​​of planks. The largest city of European artists, Montmartre to Artists, currently stands on part of the land. You can see this beautiful red brick building at No. 189.

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Rue Ordener is 28 km from Orly Airport, 23.9 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 83.4 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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