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History and visit the museum Cognac-Jay in Paris

Cognac-Jay Museum is located on rue Elzevir the city of Paris. It is located in the Marais district in the 3rd arrondissement. It is housed in the hotel Donon. The opening of the museum was on June 4, 1929 by President Gaston Doumergue. It preserves and presents the works and objects from the 18th century French art. It contains around 1,200 works. It is served by several subway stations, including the St. Paul metro, Chemin Vert metro and metro Rambuteau. It is also accessible by RER Chatelet-Les Halles and bus lines as 29, 69, 76 or 96.

Cognac-Jay Museum is a municipal museum owned by the city of Paris. The collections of this museum are mainly donations from Ernest Cognacq. It is part of the Paris city museums that are run by the public administrative Paris Museums. The museum is located in a hotel that belonged to the family Donon. Major restoration work was carried out to establish the museum in the enclosure. The main body of the building style Philibert Delorme. The architectural style of the whole building is a classic style with a garden that is available May through September. Construction which overcomes the building and roof support remember  a nave of a boat overturned. After the death of the founder of the department store of the Samaritan February 21, 1928, the city of Paris became the owner of the collection and the building where they were kept on the Boulevard des Capucines. The museum's collections were transferred to the hotel Danon and the museum was closed June 27, 1988. It was reopened to the public on 18 December 1990.

Cognac-Jay Museum presents works of art gathered from 1895 to 1925. These collections affect the field of sculpture, jewelery, history, furniture, paintings, porcelain, graphic arts and artifacts. The time of collections of 16th and 18th century. The collections of the museum's paintings are the work of various artists such as Nicolas de Largillière, Jean Simeon Chardin, Rembrandt, Canaletto, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and Francois Boucher. The rooms on the ground floor are decorated with beautiful woodwork. Splendid made by Watteau and Fragonard made by children figures drawings are exhibited in the museum. The rooms are carefully decorated the museum valuables and period furniture. The entire collection shows luxury living during the Enlightenment.

The museum at the same time the subtlety and charm of the 18th century. The museum will carry these visitors into another time. Notable works displayed in the museum include the Donkey of the prophet Balam by Rembrandt in 1626, The Milkmaid Jean Baptiste Huet and the rest of the nymphs return to hunting François Boucher 1745. The museum is open every day of the week except Mondays from 10 to 18 hours. Visits can be made freely or guided and individually or by group. The tour of the permanent collection is free for everyone by against the entry during temporary exhibitions is not free. The museum is accessible to persons with disabilities. It has a library.

Transfer to the Cognac-Jay museum in Paris
The museum Cognac-Jay is a distance of 18.4 km from Orly Airport, 29.4 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 88 km from Beauvais Airport.

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