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History and visit the church of the Sorbonne in Paris

The Church of the Sorbonne, a chapel historically linked to the prestigious college of the same name, stands as a monumental figure within the Archdiocese of Paris. Initiated in 1635 and completed in 1642 by the architect Jacques Lemercier, this church was designated a historic monument in 1887. Encapsulated within a leading university since 1885, its construction was driven by the determination of Cardinal Richelieu, whose tomb resides within. Featuring a Jesuit and baroque architectural style, the church’s facade is marked by Corinthian columns and composite pilasters, showcasing Paris’s first domed building. Statues of noted scholars such as Saint Thomas Aquinas and Peter Lombard grace its niches, while a large clock added in the nineteenth century adorns the central window. Internally, Philippe de Champaigne and François Girardon were tasked with its decoration, highlighting four Evangelists symbolizing university faculties: arts, science, law, and medicine. Cardinal Richelieu’s majestic white marble tomb dominates the choir area. For those visiting, considering a reviewed airport shuttle service can enhance your experience.

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