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History and activities Ermont

The name of the town comes certainly from the Gallo-Roman anthroponym Ermedon. Indeed, by its name, the history of this region dates back to the Gallo-Roman period. A Gallo-Roman village was already in its territory, but towards the end of the third century, it was destroyed fault Germanic invasions. In the fourth century, a new Roman town was built. Between the sixth century and the seventh century, the Merovingian period surfaced. In the ninth century, the first mention of the name of the city of Ermont appear in a document of the Abbey of Saint-Denis. The basic activity of the inhabitants of this city at the time was the wine. Since the eighteenth century, this activity is in addition to other most important new activities, such as vegetable growing and arboreal. Not to mention the location of merchants laborers. Around the year 1841, the industry moved into the area.



Tourism and visits Ermont

To satisfy its tourists, the city retains Ermont all these historical monuments as well as the most remarkable sights it has. Expectations of the Club is an area built in the third quarter of the twentieth century. This club has been built to meet the competition launched in June 1966 by François Missoffe. Besides this wonder, do not hesitate to visit the Church of St. Flaive dating back to 1886. It was extended to the year 1964. Other sites of interest concerning the Town Hall, the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, Old House Godart, Cernay Chapel, the Chapel of the Oaks and the war memorial.

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Transfer from the Paris airports to Ermont

The city Ermont is 2 km from Franconville and 15 km from Paris. This destination is 21.4 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle.

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