Shuttle from Gennevilliers to Charles de Gaulle and Orly


History and activities in Gennevilliers

The city of Gennevilliers is a very fertile area since it is located on the north loop of the Seine. At the time, this destination belonged to the royal domain under the Merovingians. The first written reference to the city dates back to the year 1218 in a survey of tithing. Gennevilliers is a parish about the year 1302. Between the fourteenth century and the fifteenth century, the city was destroyed by war, and in the seventeenth century, the floods have also invaded the region. From the eighteenth century, the destination focused by agriculture, growing wheat, rye, wheat and grapes. Around the year 1844, the city was marked by the construction of bridges. In 1908, the town was the railroad and industries. Economic activity in the city and advance agricultural land gradually disappearing in favor of technology and entrepreneurship.



Tourism and visits to Gennevilliers

Tourists to the town of Gennevilliers will have the opportunity to visit many sites. Indeed, for those who wish to admire the monuments, they can discover the Collège Pasteur. The building is based on the location of the Château de Gennevilliers. The Church is also a significant religious monument. It is the replacement of the early church destroyed by the floods of 1649. Spa Le Refuge du Grammont is a remarkable place in the city. The discovery of the park Chanteraines help you to visit the lake. The woodwork of angels is exciting site.

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Transfer from Gennevilliers to the Paris airports

The city of Gennevilliers is located 2 km from Epinay-sur-Seine and 8 km from Paris. It is 20 km from Paris airport and 23.4 km from Orly airport.

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