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The Castle is a Montgermont historical monuments Department Seine-et- Marne France . It is a renaissance castle is now privately owned. The property can not be visited inside , the public can only contemplate the outside.



Description of Castle Montgermont

The castle was originally a fortified manor house with a body and two wings surrounded by seven towers and ditches. In 1670 , only two of these towers have survived and remained decorate the castle .

The particularity of this castle is the fact that he , in his chamber, his own church . The latter was built in the thirteenth century, in the northwest of the Castle. In 1789 he was removed to its purely feudal castle appearance. Indeed, an architect under the command of Jean- Armand- Louis – Gontault Biron was specially appointed for the restoration of the Castle .


History of Castle Montgermont

After a succession of owners , the castle has undergone a major overhaul in the nineteenth century. The left wing was completely dismantled after the suppression of the right wing at the last restoration. On the main façade were built a beautiful gallery and a porch horseshoe . In addition to these changes, the team and have been moved to give more room to the court. Always at the same time , the Colt family , who occupied the premises, built two wings forward and two corner towers . One of these towers was rounded and the other hexagonal . After his feudal form before so the finished look with a neo- Louis XIII style castle. This is the form of the Castle currently enrolled as a French historical monument.

The place is, however, not be visited by the public. The latter can only contemplate and explore the outdoors.

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Transfer from Castle Montgermont to Paris airports

Castle Montgermont is located 51 km from Paris . This destination is 33.3 miles from Orly Airport 74.3 km from Charles -de- Gaulle Airport and 139 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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