Transfer from Castle Sigy to Paris airports


Castle Sigy is one of the historical monuments of the Department of Seine-et- Marne in France . It is private property not open to a private person by the public .



Description  of Castle Sigy

Castle Sigy is located on Route Donnemarie , 77520 Sigy to France in the department Seine-et- Marne. The house was built between the thirteenth and eighteenth century. And since that time it belonged to a multitude of owners who kept the Castle in its primary state. These owners have in fact that overhauls the castle and took no major restoration .

The Castle has been registered as a French historical monument on 21 December 1984, in its original state. It is built on the edge of a lake from the top of its two main towers. It has an estimated 48,480 longitude and latitude of 3173 . It is protected on multiple fronts , as a historical monument , as its roof , its moat in his garden, the central staircase , the large room in the north wing and said chamber Trutaine .



History of Castle Sigy

Castle Sigy was built in the fifteenth century during the reign of Henry IV, it is the last to have made ​​big buildings on the finish of the Castle. In the sixteenth century , the drawbridge was replaced by a stone bridge that came to defend the two doves . Then, in the early seventeenth century, wooden baluster staircase , located in a vaulted cage in Italian, was built. In the nineteenth century, all the windows are framed views of brick. Then, the main building has housed a room that was called Louis XIV and another of Diana.

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Transfer from Castle Sigy to Paris airports

Castle Sigy is located 103 km from Paris . This destination is 87.1 miles from the Orly airport 113 km from Charles- de- Gaulle Airport and 190km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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