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History and visit to Paris Square Barye
The Square Barye Occupies a wide area of ​​2975 square meters, it is located in the city of Paris in the 4th arrondissement. It is bounded by the arms of the Seine to the south and east by the Boulevard Henri IV and the northwest islands of the Seine, Ile Saint Louis southeast. This park was created in 1938, the Ecocert HAS earned merit consideration of ecological parks in 2007. Laurent Marqueste are Represented imitation of two men of antiquity Posed next to a child. This imitation is famous Because it can even be found in the United States, Baltimore or Maryland. The original of this plagiarism Does not go far, as can be found in Paris and is the subject of an ornament of the Louvre Palace. Formerly, there was Theseus fighting the Centaur and the Lion Bienor serpent sculpted by Antoine-Louis Barye as decoration, intended They Were destroyed falling on the Occupation. Chi Mei Foundation HAD the good intention to upgrade the Theseus in 2011 and Currently it is located.

Antoine-Louis Barye was a sculptor of the nineteenth century, known for demonstrations fight betweens mankind and animals. His name was Given to Barye Time of the Old Square in memory talent and his works. The exhibition of recent works in the Louvre. At the time of the Middle Ages the islands of the Seine Were ten in number, the flooding HAD The Almost all taken away, Nicolas de Louviers even HAD one and only islands of St. Louis City and resist it. The Ile Saint-Louis was once home to the Church of Our Lady, taken by Charles Martel it was restored by Charles the Bald. In the fourteenth century the royal family of Philip the Fair there partying. From the seventeenth century, the concession was Awarded to the architect Christopher and two men of finance and Regratier Poultier. That’s when she was lined with docks, streets, housing and connected by Marie Bridge with the city.

The Ile Saint-Louis is nice to visit, thanks to various platforms icts That surround the dock from Bethune Cross Pont de Sully, the Quai d’Orleans and Extending along the southern boundary. The museum nineteenth century Mickiewicz, a single Polish Library in Paris, All which contains extensive collections. The Quai d’Anjou around North Island at St. Louis, features 17th century buildings with explanatory plaques. The Quai de Bourbon crossed from St. Louis bridge and leads to the Ile de la Cité is Visibly calm.

The impressive Notre Dame can be accessed through the Rue d’Arcole, and climb the tower Allows you to view the city of Paris. The walls of the Conciergerie conceal the Sainte-Chapelle. The Conciergerie was a royal palace in the center of the city. And now, it Gives Way to the Palace of Justice and the Prefecture of Police of Paris. The Square Barye is a nice place for solo or couples in search of serenity, it offers a look at the long river of Paris and the Jardin des Plantes, with the opportunity to taste the famous Berthillon frozen foods.

Transfer shuttle taxi to the Square Barye in Paris
The Square Barye is at a distance of 25 km from Orly Airport, 40 kilometers from Charles de Gaulle airport and 110 kilometers from Beauvais Airport.

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