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Built in 1510, the Château du  Pré faced for centuries several obstacles and accidents. Today, still standing on the property , the manor welcomes and hosts the Buddhist movement . It is listed as a historical monument of France , but is however not visited.



Description Chateau du Pré

For several centuries, the castle was built Pre , rebuilt, demolished , burned … and many others . Today, it has survived many dramatic events that made his strength, his reputation. At that time , the house is one of the most beautiful in the region. His wealth and his first totally organic environment that grows to appreciate nature . The castle is surrounded by a large park decorated as rare trees. The house was , in fact, had the opportunity to host the feet of trees in several places that are not seen at all in France .



History and activity Château du Pré

In 1560 , the castle was the property of Lieutenant General Sayve Dreux . When he died , his nephew Antoine d’Estrees Sayve inherits places . The latter often received and secretly Henri IV and his mistress , Gabrielle. The castle became Henri IV ‘s nest infidelity, because the house was located away from gossip of the Court of Fontainebleau.

Later in the 1990s , the castle became the property of the Buddhist cultural association Soka , making his sacred seat. She kept it large repairs and improvements to the site are worthy of his beliefs and principles. In fact, that was the most interesting association is the presence of redwoods on the premises. Indeed, this tree is part of one of the highest in Europe . Since then, Buddhist ceremonies are held on the property to allow believers are making vows or celebrate a major life events .

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Shuttle transfer from Chateau du Pré to Paris airports

The Château du Pré is located 71.2 km from Paris . This destination is 54.8 miles from Orly Airport and 81.4 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 158 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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