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History and activities Herblay

The name of the city comes from the late Latin Herblay acerabulus or a term Celtic. The name means maple. Human occupation in the destination back to the Neolithic era and especially the Gallo-Roman period. After the archaeological excavations in the region, as well as traces of occupation of ancient artifacts have been discovered in this destination. Activities of the inhabitants of the city focused on fishing and farming. In the city of Herblay, commercial areas are numerous. It is the same for artisanal zones. These areas provide the economic development of the region.



Tourism and visits Herblay

Various attractions offer visitors to the city of Herblay. From historical monuments to natural site, you have a wide choice of destinations to discover. Various castles are subject to heritage in the city, including: Castle Church which is built facing terrace overlooking the Seine. The porch is also seen in this region. It is the same for the castle of the clinic. The building is adorned with various decorations such as mosaic floral decoration, the basket handle arches and stone keys. This castle is the replacement of the old building of the sixteenth century. The Church is a religious site to visit in the city. It was built from the ninth century, then it has undergone alterations over the centuries.

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Transfer from the Paris airports to Herblay

The city of Herblay is 5 km from Franconville and 18 km from Paris. This destination is located 28.2 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle.

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