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History and activities in La Courneuve

The name of the city comes from the Latin curia certainly nova or nova curtis. These mean new domain. The history of the city dates back to the seventh century. Of human presence have been documented from the discovery of graves exhumed from the depths of the Église Saint-Lucien. At the time of the manor, the city was ceded to the monks of Saint-Denis. During this period, agricultural activities were very important. Because people have experienced a sharp increase in the thirteenth century, the village was built in the parish. In 1855, on the banks of Croult was installed a tannery, it emphasizes the beginning of industrialization in the region. However, the war of 1870 put an end to this development.



Tourism and visits to La Courneuve

To meet the expectations of tourists, the city of La Courneuve offers the privilege visitors to explore the various attractions the most important. The main religious monument in the region offers a guided tour. The Church of St. Lucian is a building dating from the sixteenth century. It was later restored in the twentieth century. It is the replacement of the early church in the territory. The Church of Saint-Yves, Four Roads is also a building to visit in the region. It was designed by architect Michel Bridet and Pierre Robert. This building is the site of the sixteenth cardinal. Aside from churches, the House of Culture is also a monument to see. It dates back from 1810 to 1870. Also, the Water Tower-artesian marks a memorable past of the city.

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Transfer from La Courneuve to Paris airports

The city of La Courneuve is 2 km from Aubervillier and 9 km from Paris. This region is located 14.5 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 23.1 km from Orly airport.

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