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History and activities in Les Ulis

The name of the city is from the bottom Ulis ullere Latin meaning stubble burning. In 1382, the city was known as a fief. However, the administrative entity only take place November 30, 1960. The development of the city is distinguished by a large population. The core of the region were agriculture. Various residential areas and employment areas have been established in the region. The destination could not be administered by the urban district of Bures-Orsay then the commune founded in 1977. This is the first region created from scratch in France since the Bois-Colombes in 1904.



Tourism and visits Les Ulis

The town of Ulis houses many tourist attractions. Visitors can indeed move from one site to another and do around the area. La Ferme de Courtaboeuf is a building dating back to the seventeenth century. It is located at the intersection of three cities. It retains the sixth center of the activity area of ​​Courtaboeuf. La Ferme du Grand Vivier is a wonder to visit. This goes back to the eighteenth century. This farmhouse has been converted into a relief center for firefighters in 1970. A monument known as the Menhirs Bathes also worth a visit. This is the first artistic monument built in the new town around the year 1968. A transition to Serres Grand Vivier is also possible while walking in the vast spaces of the region. Three parks to see, including North Park, The Urban Park and South Park.

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Transfer from Les Ulis to Paris airports

The town of Ulis is 7 km from the town of Palaiseau and 24 km from the city of Paris. This destination is 14.9 km from Orly airport.

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