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History and visit the place victories in Paris

Instead of wins is an elegant place that is located in the 1st and the 2nd district of the city of Paris. She was known as the Place des Victoires national in 1792. It is situated in the districts of Les Halles, Palais Royal Mail and Vivienne. It provides access to five streets which Catinat Street, cross the small fields, La Feuillade, Empty Gusset, Étienne Marcel and Aboukir. The place is shaped rotary diameter of 80 meters. The creation of this magnificent place was made in 1685.

Instead of victories was created under the orders of Louis XIV to commemorate the Peace of Nijmegen. Construction were attributed to the architect Jules Hardouin Mansart. Marshal of the foliage helped by the city of Paris has everything in place for the implementation of this place. Building construction by the population should be balanced instead. The opening up of victories was made ​​on 26 March 1686.

In the middle of the place of four successive victory monuments. The statue of Louis XIV was the first decoration of the place between 1686 and 1792. Representation of nations conquered by Louis XIV is on the base of the statue. The wooden pyramid during the French Revolution with the inscription of the names of people killed on 10 August 1792. The bronze statue of General Desaix in 1810.

Currently, the statue of King Louis XIV adorns the center of the square since 1828. It was conducted by François Joseph Bosio. Reconstruction was made in 2005 by artist Alain Plesse.

Transfer to the place of victory in Paris
Instead of victories is 20.1 km from Orly Airport to 28.1 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.6 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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