Private car transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport to Allogny


History of the town of Allogny

Allogny, a French commune, located in the Cher department in the Centre region. In 856, it becomes    the name of "Villa Oliniacus" then "Aloniacum" in 983. Allogny was served by a path  connecting Autricum to Avaricum. In the year 1050, taxes Allogny were offered to the priests of the collegiate church of Notre-Dame de Mehun. The establishment of a constabulary brigade was undertaken in 1789 to Allogny.


Tourism activity at Allogny

Allogny is a town that is full of interesting activities. This is one reason why it attracts many tourists. You might enjoy a guided tour to explore the fountain Verdier. This is a Allogny heritage that is on the road to joining Saint Martion Auxigny near the junction of the High Brown. To satisfy your kids, you could visit the Plain of their games covered. They will be fascinated by a park indoor playground and a children’s indoor play. They can enjoy several slides, bouncy castle and other playground equipment. For lovers, "adventure park" has multiple paths from trees and trampoline elastic. Your small children age are invited to cross the transition to teaching about the wonders of nature. They can also distract garden Lilou containing countless entertainment. In addition, you can enjoy a hike through the state-owned forest Allogny.

Transport vehicles are required in a discovery in the city of Allogny. It is for this reason that we recommend you spend in our teaching to make a car rental reservation at your choice. Our collections include the private car, collective shuttle and VIP luxury car. So we ensure that all movements are in the city and nearby. It is even possible to transfer you to the Paris airports.


Transfer from Paris airports to Allogny

Allogny is located 17 km northwest of Bourges and 183 km from Paris. It is situated at a distance of 214 km from Orly airport, 246 from Charles de Gaulle airport and 246 km from the airport of Beauvais tillé.


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