Private car transfer from Paris airports to Château d’Angers in the Loire Valley


History of the Chateau d’Angers  in the Loire Valley

This is the heart of the city of Angers lies a magnificent medieval castle ideal to visit. Since Neolithic times until today, this area was the point of succession of a medieval fortress. The Château d’Angers current is characterized by 17 towers. It was built by St. Louis in the border of his kingdom thirteenth century. This stately castle is defined by the famous Apocalypse tapestry. The latter is an important work of medieval tapestry.

In the thirteenth century, on the Place du Château d’Angers was built a large palace Count. The wall there are still great. Between the fourteenth century and the fifteenth century, the vast palace turned into a residence and a prison. This building was used as a prison until the year 1856 and it has become a barracks in the first half of the twentieth century.

The Château d’Angers retains important treasure called "The tapestry of the Apocalypse." It is a tapestry with a length of 100 meters. It highlights the text of Saint-Jean involving anxiety during the Hundred Years War. Besides this treasure, tourists can also visit the hidden treasures of the Castle which is located inside it. Apercevront visitors in the beautiful pregnant residence of the Dukes of Anjou. It is defined by several buildings dating back to the late Gothic period. The beauty of the garden is also very impressive with orchard, vegetable garden, herb garden or bouquetier, etc..

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Transfer between the Chateau d’Angers and Paris airports  in the Loire Valley

The Château d’Angers is located 290 km from Orly airport, 319 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 388 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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