Private car transfer from Villepinte exhibition hall to Orly airport


History and activities in Villepinte

The city name comes from the Latin "villa picta" which means "a richly decorated ancient remains." The history of the city dates back to the Neolithic. Also, according to the archaeological excavations in this destination, researchers have documented the presence of a Gallic tribe of the Parisii, and until the Roman conquest to the first century BC By the ninth century, the city of Villepinte was under the rule of the abbey of Saint-Denis. At the time of the First World War, the city of Villepinte experienced serious sequelae in August 1940 for this destination suffered heavy bombing. Around the year 1962, the city is booming and creates an international park activities Paris Nord II. The latter has a reputation in the region.


Tourism and visits to Villepinte

The city of Villepinte has a historic monument. The Pavilion is a removable aluminum exhibition pavilion founded in the third quarter of the twentieth century. It has been the subject of a registration under the historical monuments April 28, 1993. Apart from this historical monument, the city is still home to other notable sights. Essentials of these sites include the former Castle built in the seventeenth century Villepinte currently become a sanatorium, the Farm House eighteenth century, the Church of Our Lady of the sixteenth century and the Bridge of Aulnay-Rivecourt way.

Visit the city of Villepinte is ideal if tourists undertake their conveyance to visit the various wonders that covers the city. To do this, we offer three types of interesting car to take you to different destinations across the city, but also to the Paris airports. Our selections are the collective shuttle, luxury cars and VIP private car. A qualified driver will accompany you throughout your trip. It should be noted that a reservation is to be done to ensure your program.


Transfer from Villepinte to Paris airports

The city of Villepinte is located 2 km from Sevran and 18 km from Paris. This destination is located 6 km from Charles de Gaulle airport, 29 km from Orly Airport and 88.7 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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