Private car transportation from Paris ariports to Alvimare in Normandy


History of city of Alvimare in Normandy

Alvimare is a French commune in the Seine-Maritime region of Haute-Normandie. The name of it was called for the first time in 1156 under the name of halivi-Mara. Alvimare name means "the pool of adalwinus."


 Tourism and visit city of Alvimare in Normandy

Various historical monuments are located in the municipality of Alvimare the chapel and two crosses of blanques. The chapel blanques takes its name from a powerful family, family bellenghel. This chapel was built by Marie de Mauny, the wife of the lord of Gisors to 1518. Previously, the chapel was dedicated to St. beard and Sainte-Anne. The two crosses of Blanques are also part of the historical monuments of the city. These two crosses indicate the boundaries of the two parishes or two areas. Which is the oldest and most established dating from the fourteenth to the fifteenth century. In addition, this is a religious monument in the town. This building is known as the Church of Our Lady of the Nativity. It has a chorus built in the sixteenth century. It is made of wood medallions Renaissance. The font of the seventeenth century this church represent the childhood of Christ.

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 Transfer from the Paris airports to Alvimare in Normandy

The common Alvimare is 25km and 149km of Fécamp in Paris. This destination is 151km from Paris Beauvais airport to Orly airport 188km and 193km from the airport Charles de Gaulle.


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