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A common average of 2500 inhabitants, Chablis is located in the department of Yonne in the region Bourgogne Franche-Comté. Nicknamed “Golden Gate of Burgundy”, it has a rich historical heritage. Contact us for a private chauffeured car service from Orly airport to Chablis .

The creation of Chablis dates back to Roman times, in the first century of our era. The first vines were also planted by the Romans in the 3rd century. But the first writings relating the history of the city date from the 9th century when in 867, Charles II the Bald had the Saint-Loup monastery dedicated to Saint Mary to the monks of Saint Martin de Tours. Thus, the Benedictine monks were able to hide from the Vikings and shelter the poor. Afterwards, various churches were built such as Saint Martin, the Saint Pierre church which is the patron saint of Chablis, the Hôtel Dieu, the Prieuré Saint Cosme, the Petit Pontigny and the small arch of the Pont.

The construction of the ramparts of the Low City

It is the hundred years war, at the beginning of the XVth century which led to the construction of the ramparts of the Low City as well as a wall. Despite this, the village was badly hit during the war and was looted by the British. Be that as it may, the Chablis wine has been recognized and appreciated by the crowned heads of France. He has even exported wine to England since the Middle Ages. The writings even relate that barrels of wine were sent to the Pope. In 1478, Pierre Lerouge had the privilege of establishing the fifth printing press in France.

The hectares of vineyards

In the middle of the war of religions, in 1568, the city was attacked, pillaged, burned and besieged by the Huguenots. It takes two or three centuries for the city to regain its prosperity and splendor of yesteryear. In the 19th century, phylloxera and mildew ravaged the vineyard. Chablis was not spared by the two wars that followed one another. A hundred young men fell during the First World War.

For crown all, the city was bombed by the Germans during the Second World War. At the end of 1945, only 500 hectares of vineyards remained. The vine growers had to fight to replant the vines that made the reputation of their village. Since 1957, the introduction of heating in the vineyards has led to the development of the vineyard inherited from the canons. The generous vintage of 1970 made the city famous. For your stay in Chablis, know that you can enjoy guided tours by your driver guide.

Chablis wines

The city of Chablis is famous worldwide for its wines. Made from the Chardonnay grape, it produces Burgundy white wines with exceptional qualities. Planted on nearly 5500 Ha, Chablis wines are known for their purity, freshness, finesse, minerality. The village has a rich past and its historical heritage testifies with its abbeys and castles.

Hiking or cycling

You can also go hiking or cycling. Various trails are at your disposal mainly in the vineyards along the river Serein with a view of the surrounding plains. The Chablis culinary specialties are numerous such as Chablis andouillette, Méré Foie gras, Buchuits Duchy, gougères Ham Chablisienne, Chablis pillars and other dishes cooked with the wine of the city.

Burgundy Market

On the education side, the village has two schools and a college. You can also enjoy the “Burgundy Market”. Every Sunday morning, in the heart of the city, traders offer local products diversified and quality. Throughout the year, cultural events are in the spotlight as the gourmet walk, the Yonne wine market and the flower market in May or the musical festival of Chablis in July.

Apart from visiting historical monuments such as the Porte-Noël and the vineyard, various activities are offered in Chablis such as Les Attelages de l’Yonne and the night market of crafts and terroirs.

Collegiate Church Saint-Martin in Chablis

Built at the beginning of the 13th century, the church served as a refuge for the monks of Tours who fled the Vikings. It is a replica of the cathedral of Sens and it was one of the first achievements of the ogival architecture. She is best known for her Romanesque door with the one hundred and eleven horseshoes studded there. On this door is also carved a tympanum decorated with a fleur-de-lis cross surrounded by a dove, a snake and a lamb. It was classified as a historical monument in 1862.

E-bike winetours

Looking for the best way to discover the village of Chablis, what better than a bike ride or electric scooter. The tourist office Chablis country offers different rates and according to your needs whether half day, day or a whole day. You can choose between a scenic route or a more sporty route. In addition, you will have the pleasure during the tours to discover the landscape and to taste various wines. In contact with nature, e-bike winetours is an extraordinary ride.

Chablis Vititours

To know the secrets of Chablis, it is better to board the Chablis Vititours minibus. You will have the opportunity to discover the different wines making the celebrity of the city as well as wine techniques. You are spoiled for choice either for a 1:30 visit, for a half-day visit or a day discovery with four tastings. At each visit, you will have the pleasure of tasting the best wines of Chablis. The guides explain the four appellations of windfall and the grape variety as well as the work of the winemaker until the wine is bottled. The price varies from € 25 to € 150 depending on the type of visit you have chosen.

Alain Geoffroy domain

It is a domain located not far from Chablis, with 50 hectares in production, produces Chablis wines and Burgundy wines for five generations. From Petit Chablis through Chablis Cru Beauroy to Burgundy Chardonnay, its wines are fresh, fine and fruity with a beautiful mineral imprint. You can also visit the Alain Geoffroy Estate Museum. And discover the seven rooms, the corkscrew and its private collections. The museum opens its doors from Monday to Friday.

At the end of each visit, a tasting is offered by the house. You also have the opportunity to buy one or bottles. It also has a reception room, the Priory of Baudon can accommodate up to two hundred people. The vault is also at your disposal whether for a visit or a tasting. If you want to go around the domains and places must in Chablis, do not hesitate to contact us to book one of our pick-ups.

Chablis is a peaceful village famous for its vineyards. It is 60 km from Château de Chastellux and 56 km from Cardoland. For your airport transfers, note that the city is 211 km from CDG Airport and 178 km from Orly Airport.

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