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Mâcon is a dynamic city and its economy is mainly based on tourism. The town has kept its heritage allowing you to discover many interesting places during your stay : book  a car service from Paris airport to Mâcon.

The foundation of the city dates back to the first century. From then until the IVth century, the city developed quickly and was fortified. Mâcon was a border town between the kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire between 843 and 1600. It was the chief town of a county attached to the Duchy of Burgundy. In 1239, it was bought and was part of the royal estate. From the 14th to the 15th century, Mâcon witnessed the wars between the King of France and the Duke of Burgundy. Thus, at the death of Charles the Bold, Louis XI granted privileges to the city.

A religious city

A printing press had been present in Mâcon since 1493. Religious books were printed there from 1474 to 1491. Having been crossed by the Saône, the city became a business at the beginning of the 16th century. Because of this geographical position, it was the victim of innumerable floods as it was the case in September 1602. It is a religious city and very catholic. In the Middle Ages, churches and abbeys were built such as Old St. Vincent. Apart from political wars, Mâcon was ravaged during the wars of religion since it was the gateway for Protestant mercenaries. At that time, epidemics of plague succeeded one another.

Chief town of the department of Saône-et-Loire

Towards the end of the XVIIIth century, it became chief town of the department of Saône-et-Loire. In the 19th century, Mâcon was twice besieged by the Austrians. On the other hand, the city modernized its telephone network from 1891 whose telegraph line connecting Paris to the city. She has witnessed the last two world wars. Soldiers left the city to go to the front during the first war. In November 1942, German soldiers occupied the city.

It was the center of the resistance during the Second World War, making it the first city in the free zone between Paris and Lyon. It was only released in September 1944. Since the 1950s, the city has embarked on urbanization projects. In the 1970s, the municipality has continued to grow with the entry of other municipalities in his constituency. Be certain that during your stay, you will make so many historical visits.

The economy of Mâcon is based on viticulture and livestock farming. The grape varieties in red wine are pinot noir and gamay. For white wine, there is chardonnay and aligoté. It is a beautiful wine town. Moreover, tourist routes are devoted to it. Among them are the “Mâcon Wine Tour”, the “Lamartine Tour” and “the wine in Mâcon”. These tours consist of visiting the city and vineyards with tastings of the best wines from winemakers. In urban planning, the largest cinema hall was destroyed and transformed into sixteen homes. Currently, Mâcon also has several industrial and commercial areas.

It is the seat of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saône-et-Loire and manages the industrial river port. The city is committed to ecology. The Town Hall has a greenhouse and flowers will be planted to beautify the city. You can also enjoy cultural events and exhibitions throughout the year. It is also a city rich in heritage and you can visit various places and monuments such as the “House of the Woods”, the “Citizen Memorial from 1870 to the present day”, etc. For your travel in the city, we are able to provide a day rental service.

Having obtained twice the price of “the golden flower”, the city of Mâcon is preparing for the arrival of spring by planting different varieties of flowers on 4000 m².

Ursuline Museum

Built in 1675, the convent is dedicated to the education of young girls of the nobility and the bourgeoisie by the nuns. Transformed during the centuries that follow in prison, it became a museum in 1968. On the first floor, is traced the daily life of the Mâconnais and the second, there are exposed paintings and works of art. It opens its doors to the public every first Sunday of the month for € 2.50.

Old Saint Vincent Cathedral of Mâcon

Built in the 11th century in the center of the city, it is the original cathedral of Mâcon. Sold as a national good in 1799, it was demolished. At this time the nave, the transept and the Gothic choir were destroyed. Currently, only the two towers and the narthex remain visible. It was classified as a historic monument in 1862. Inside, the model, plans and all its architecture can reconstruct the evolution of the building from the XI to the XV century. The visit of the cathedral is free for visitors.

Saint-Pierre Church of Mâcon

Old St. Vincent lost the city’s cathedral status following its construction in the 1860s. A construction that was financed by Napoleon himself. Moreover, the funeral of Lamartine took place there in 1869. The cathedral is of Roman style with its facade with three floors, three portals with raised semicircle with the tympans adorned with bas-relief out of wooden. It has two sublime bells and a stone spire. Inside, three works are currently classified as “historical monuments”.

Royal kids Mâcon

Royal kids is a covered playground and built on 1000 m² of land. Various activities are offered to young people and toddlers. These include toboggans, bubble pools, monkey bridges, football field, toboggan and ice rink. The playgrounds are heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer. Another space is reserved for parents and companions. This is the perfect place to please the kids during the summer holidays. Thus, Royal Kids opens its doors for three months, from May to July with a price ranging from € 6.50 to € 9 for children. The park also hosts birthday parties.

Mâcon helicopter aerodrome

The aerodrome offers you a helicopter tourist flight, aerial photos and videos, and even flying lessons. Located two kilometers southwest of the city of Mâcon, this is the right address for thrill seekers whether in light aviation, helicopter or model aircraft. You will be entitled to a fifteen-minute scenic flight with a friendly private crew. You can enjoy the view of the vineyards and castles of the region. To properly organize yourself so each family member benefits, you can contact us to book one of our pick-ups.

In the center of France, in the department of Saône-et-Loire, Mâcon is at the same time a viticultural city but also historic and gastronomic. It is 26 km from Cluny Abbey and 98 km from Parc des Combes. The city is 420 km from Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport and 88 km from Lyon-Bron Airport.

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