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A dynamic city, Saint-Quentin is the economic capital of Haute-Picardie. 163km from the capital, it is an agglomeration where life is good. It is also marked by the history of France or even Europe : book a car service to go to Saint-Quentin

Founded by the Romans, the city was named “Augusta Viromanduorum”. It was the capital of the county of Vermandois. Between XIII and XVth century, the city entered the royal domain and prospered thanks to the commercial exchanges being a border town at the time but also thanks to agriculture and the textile industry. But his fate was manhandled by the war against England but especially by the plague which returned several times. In the 16th century, Saint-Quentin was plundered after the defeat of France against Spain. After which, its enclosure was fortified.

Centuries of prosperity for the city

The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were centuries of prosperity for the city. Its economic development was at its peak with the production and export of textiles throughout America and even America. Although the Russians come to besiege it for a year at the beginning of the nineteenth century, ie 1814, its economy has not been much affected. After that, in 1870, the Prussians tried to take the city, but the inhabitants as well as the National Guard were able to repel the invaders. Thus, is added to the textile industry, the automobile industry. Embedded in the Hindenburg Line erected by the Germans, the city was terribly affected during the First World War. The villagers were evacuated and could not return until 1919, most of the buildings were ravaged and the city was looted and fell into ruin.

The development of the textile industry and mechanics

Twenty years later, it is still hit hard by the Second World War. The Germans still besieged and occupied it. It was not until 1944 that the Americans released her. The reconstruction following the two successive wars was very trying for Saint-Quentin. The city is trying to revive its economy still through the development of the textile industry and mechanics and found its prosperity of yesteryear in the 50s. You will be able to trace the history of the city by visiting the mythical places with our high quality professional transfer service.

Saint-Quentin is labeled “City of Art and History” by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Gothic style of its city hotel testifies. Being also the most populated of the Aisne, the whole population spreads on both sides of the valley. This constitutes an axis of communication which associates waterway and railroad. The Isle bridge spans both the Paris-Brussels railroad and the train station. The industries of the city are specialized in textile, the construction of cycles and motorcycles, the manufacture of electrical equipment, metallurgy and mechanics and the food industry as well as perfumery. Most universities and colleges such as INSSET and the IUT of the Aisne campus of Saint-Quentin promote these specialties.

Capital of Haute-Picardie, Saint-Quentin is a dynamic city. Although the desertification of the city center strikes the agglomeration currently. This is manifested by the empty dwellings of their occupants, the empty commercial premises of their owners and the high unemployment rate. However, the municipality is trying to rise from the ashes with the construction of new infrastructure and the promotion of tourism. Crossed by the Somme, the city has the only natural reserve in the city center in France. It is a site protected by UNESCO. In urban planning, modernity coexists with historical monuments. And to ensure the economic development of the city, the government proposes to merchants to modernize their premises and offers them a plan of assistance and financing. For your stay in the city, do not hesitate to book a car service in Paris.

Being a city of history and culture, Saint-Quentin is a tourist city. She witnessed the events that marked the history of France. Moreover, its environment is rich and out of the ordinary. You will be amazed by its Hotel de Ville, the Antoine Lecuyer Museum, the Buffet de la Gare and the Vermandois Tourist Railway. Aside from these must-see places, here are 5 good places not to be missed when visiting Saint-Quentin.

St. Quentin Basilica

Gothic style, it is the second largest in the region. Built between the twelfth and fifteenth century on the burial of martyrs of the third century, it is a particularly ambitious building. It is characterized by “tower-porch”, the nave of the XVth century and the tree of Jesse also says the genealogical tree of Christ, and the great organ which was offered by Louis XIV.

Isle Park

Mentioned above, this park is located in the nature reserve in the city center. It is a space that protects both the natural heritage and biodiversity such as the great moat, the colorful potamot and the virulent hemlock. Apart from visiting the wildlife, the park offers lots of entertainment. The National Nature Reserve of the Marais d’Isle is an ideal place to walk for nature lovers. It’s a unique place visited by more than 500,000 people a year.

Village of Métiers d’Antan & Motobécane Museum

To better discover the trades of yesteryear, those of the nineteenth century, what better than visiting this place entertaining and informative. A trip back in time through which you will be able to trace the history of the Motobécane brand. You will be introduced to mopeds and motorcycles. A discovery for young people and a visit that will ignite the nostalgia of the old.

Butterfly Museum

Open early 2018, this museum will make you discover the riches of the entomological world. It was founded in 1912 by Jules PASSET, a great lover of entomology. You can find insect collections, a laboratory of scientists to discover the biology of insects and a projection area to better enrich your knowledge in the field. All this, with a price of 8 € for an adult and 5.5 € for children from 5 to 14 years. And it opens its doors on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 14h to 18h and Wednesday and Saturday from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 14h to 18h.

The beach of Isle Pond

Open every day from 14h to 19h, you can take a quiet outdoor swim with your family. You have the opportunity to indulge in several activities such as mini golf, paddle boating, beach volleyball and badminton. There is only one price which is 2 €. It’s a better destination for your summer vacation. If you want to be transported during your stay, our fleet is made up of different types of vehicles.

Saint-Quentin is located in the north of France, in the department of Aisne in Picardy region currently known as Hauts-de-France. The city is 45 km from Notre-Dame de Laon Cathedral and 46 km from Blérancourt Castle / Franco-American Museum. If you want to reach the airports from Saint-Quentin, note that Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport is 141 km away and Beauvais Tillé Airport is 164 km away.

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