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Soissons is known as having been the first capital of France. The municipality is spread over 12 km² with a near-urban characteristic in the whole. The story of Soissons also detracts from his present and his future. Book car service from Paris airport to Soissons

The famous vase of Soissons and King Clovis are the subjects that keep coming back when it comes to talking about the history of Soissons. Indeed, the event of the vase aims to increase the influence of the young King of the Franks Clovis on the Gallo-Roman elites and the famous bishops of the time. Note that the city of Soissons has a belt of fortresses built to withstand potential invasions, in addition to its beautiful ornament impressive. Clovis conquered this city by the war against Syagrius in 486. Clotaire, the descendant of Clovis founded the abbey St Médard at the beginning of the 6th century. This monastery was placed under royal protection.

The consequences of war

From century to century, monuments are built in Soissons following the rhythm of the economic and urban revival of the 13th century. However, it should be noted that the area of ​​Soissons was reduced to the dawn of the 11th century. This spatial reduction does not prevent the multiplication of buildings, including the cathedral that exists to this day. The least we can say is that the city is like a big project. The religious buildings are in significant number, more precisely six colossal abbeys. The war has damaged the religious heritage.

Yet, Soissons had the strength to recover to be a new golden age of art in the 17th century. The urban landscape of Soissons was transformed from the 18th century and many of the religious buildings disappeared. Traffic boulevards, including the train station, took place in the city at the end of the 19th century, following the destruction engendered by the 1st World War. Everything has been replaced by infrastructures that give the image of an airy city.

His evolution is based on its past

The Romans who seized the city of Soissons left Clovis with important infrastructures such as roads and theatres. Clovis was defeated in 486. The young king used the fortress to carry out looting operations with his force against the rebels. The vase recalls the military importance of Soissons during the authoritarian and disciplined era of Clovis. The bishops and the Gallo-Roman elite were especially the targets of Clovis during the episode of the Vase. The dilapidated fortress was restored from the 19th century, but was later dismantled by war. The development of Soissons building on the past, in the early 2000s, a competition was organized to build monuments, sculptures – always about vases.

New neighborhoods have replaced the buildings, where :

  • the arsenal (a place of storage of military equipment),
  • Ste Eugénie church,
  • the covered market,
  • the St Crépin church,
  • then art deco architectures have been built.

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The development of Soissons is oriented in various sectors of activity and reconstruction of the city. Indeed, the heart of the city is being revitalized, including the revitalization of commercial activities. It also concerns city traffic, housing and heritage. It should be noted that the leaders have not adjusted their efforts to achieve satisfactory economic, social and sub-structural development. Indeed, the revitalization of the trade was set up in Soissons. To do this, a public service is installed to also deal with roads, land policy, strategic areas of the city, looking for investors.

The municipality puts on the heart of the city of Soissons to be the precursor economic, including the creation of employment, the well-being of the population, the attraction of tourists, etc. The challenge of development is the collective commercial dynamic, the synergy between the commercial centers, aid to the real estate business, etc. The creation of a craft and trade office contributes to the realization of Soissons development projects. It is limited here to enumerate the buildings that mark the historical particularity of Soissons before the 19th century, namely :

  • the ancient theater,
  • the Notre Dame abbey,
  • St Medard abbey,
  • the pavilion of the arquebus,
  • the chapel St Charles,
  • ancient murals,
  • the Grand Place,
  • the town hall.

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The Basilica-Cathedral Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protais

The building, built over three centuries, remains the most beautiful catholic monument in the history of the city. Thanks to its western facades and Gothic interior decorations, it is a fascinating place to discover. The basilica-cathedral of St. Gervais and St. Protais was built in Lutetian limestone, a stone of very good quality. The latter is typical of the Tertiary sediment zone in the Paris region.

The Saint-Jean-des-Vignes abbey

Founded in 1076, by Hugues Le Blanc a lord of the region, the Abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes is built on a hill. Well placed, it is visible on all inputs of Soissons. Before being classified as a historical monument, the abbey has a history of nearly 1000 years to perpetuate. Its architecture with the three portals on the facade add value to the site. It is one of the most important abbeys. At the moment, there is a project to make it a tourist site of the future.

Canopy Park

Canopy Park is located in Ambleny. It provides visitors with an outdoor activity consisting of moving from branch to branch and from tree to tree in the heart of a forest of 25 ha. Here is a park with 13 tracks: bridges, Nepalese bridge, flying logs, zip lines. Specially designed, even children of 3 years can walk on a track dedicated to small. Of course, young people and adults have the right to climb and race to get adrenaline. Adventurers have the opportunity to spend the night in the trees.

The Castle of Berzy-le-Sec

A former residence of the fourteenth century, the castle has been restored to be saved. Today only the ruins of this monument remain: adjacent ditches and an inner courtyard. With a medieval style, this building becomes the historic site of the town Berzy-le-Sec. Heritage sessions are organized by the Heritage Safeguard Association of Southern Aisne. In order to animate and restore the medieval historical heritage. On the program, there are workshops around stone cutting, bread & culinary arts in the Middle Ages. We must not forget the discovery of heritage trades.

The park from the tree to the bird

It is located in the district of Saint-Waast. The park of the tree with the bird is a natural garden of attraction. He proposes a walk around the pond. It will be a moment of relaxation for visitors. As the name suggests, the park symbolizes peace and freedom. The place is perfect for a picnic, meditation and a good meditation. Our fleet is made up of different types of vehicles if you need them to discover the city in your own way.

The city of Soissons bears the nickname of The City of Vase. It is located 36.2 km from Notre-Dame de Laon Cathedral and 25.4 km from Axo’plage. It is 73.7 km from CDG Airport and 115 km from Orly Airport.

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