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The Bourron Castle is a fortress which locates in the municipality of Bourron-Marlotte in the department of Seine-et-Marne. It is located 45 minutes south of Paris and 7 km from Fontainebleau. It lies between the forest of Fontainebleau to the north and south valley Loing. This remarkable property invites you throughout the year to stay and enjoy a luxurious life.



Description of the Castle Bourron

Castle Bourron is a house that is at the center of a park of 40 hectares. It was built according to a given architecture of brick and stone characterized by a main building with floor and two small wings. The plan of the castle is modeled after that of the medieval fortress. The walls were built of stones from the forest Beer. These stones were too spongy, it took cover with a coating to keep them. The portal of entry was conducted on the access bridge was demolished. Castle Bourron is surrounded by a moat whitewater. The East and West pavilions incorporate the old guard on which stand geometric ornaments. This is also the case for small bridges and borders of all windows. As for the windows, they were built by an archaic style and were spaced large empty spaces between them. Bases and steps are made of sandstone which have been exploited since the gorges Apremont. In the living room of ceremony sees the southeast corner of the castle as well as the north. For this, all the rooms are beneficiaries of an abundance of sunlight. On the west pavilion and on the east side of the house moat, are the wheels. These were used in the Middle Ages to raise supplies in kitchens that were on the ground floor.



History of Castle Bourron

Castle Bourron is an area that has been inhabited since the Neolithic or about 5000 years before Christ. The present castle was built around the early seventeenth century where the former was high stately home. His name Bourron was awarded by the Celts during their occupation of the territory. This name comes from the ancient scriptures "Bouvron or Borro" originating Bovron meaning of the word "Gallic dignity of waters." In 1367, the castle became a fortress Bourron "enclosed by walls and surrounded by water ditches." During the Revolution, the castle was stripped by the "sans-culottes de Nemours." They destroyed the entrance to the stately gate arms, the pigeon and ditches. Castle Bourron had belonged to several families and was put up for sale three times that in 1849 Montgon in 1862 by Brandoix and the Piollenc in 1878. In 1878 the Montesquiou-Frezensac took over the castle. They are then committed to the rehabilitation and replenish the area with their family relics. They also decided to redevelop the park in a French style.



Milestone Castle Bourron

Since 2004, every year each June, a large white dinner is organized in the castle of Bourron. It should be noted that the castle was recorded as a historic monument since 1971.



Visit Castle Bourron

Bourron Castle is a castle hotel room that offers classes and comfortable. You’d be fascinated by its furniture are period pieces. Take advantage of the wonders that the park leaves to discover the source as St. Severus is a romantic source, sculpture of Ceres and that of St. Joseph.

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Transfer from Castle Bourron to Paris airports

Castle Bourron is located 65.8 km from Orly airport, 165 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 98.7 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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