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History and visit the Ecole Militaire in Paris

The Military Academy is the name of the Parisian building that was built to house the military academy. The Military Academy is a training institution dependent on military or Department of Defense. It is a place of learning science of war, officers are prepared to assume important functions of staff, command, leadership within their army of belonging and in organizations where there are performance of defense policy.


From 1784 to 1785, Napoleon Bonaparte was educated at the Ecole Militaire. The diplomat Jean-François Bourgoing also made his own in 1760 with teachers as the geographer Edme Mentelle and academic Louis-Félix Guynement of Kéralio. Within the school there is a documentation center houses two libraries accessible to mixed public, civil or militaire.Il offers or product documentation, open to the world of research. In the center is the castle, he understands the staircase, the guardroom containing busts of Lemoyne. The five large portraits of officers, a lounge called marshals, a chapel. In the basement of the chapel is an amazing treasure crypt containing the remains of the founder of the Military School of Finance and Secretary of Louis XV.


The central part is characterized by a quadrangular dome taken from the architecture of the Louvre. Outside in the courtyard is a clock completed by Lepaute, framed by a young topless woman showing time and an old barefoot holding a book symbolizing the study. The Military Academy proves to be a great set of buildings with various military training facilities, and closing the prospect southeast of the Champ de Mars. It was built during the reign of Louis XIV and designed by the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel. Ange-Jacques Gabriel was the first architect to Louis XIV, he was commissioned to design the plans of a larger and grander than the Hotel des Invalides building built by the latter. The planned area is grand and beautiful facades, as the military school was for King Louis XIV a witness to the extent of its sovereignty. The school constantly trains officers, military personnel or children named in the term children troop military personnel, it also received the Defense College NATO at its inception in 1951 to 1966.


The Military Academy is located in the beautiful district of western Paris in the 7th arrondissement, one of the best views of the city of Paris. Axis Trocadero-Breteuil starting from Chaillot Palace, cross the bridge of Jena and the Champ de Mars to complete the square of Breteuil. This district is the place of concentration of many official political institutions. Ministries including the Hôtel Matignon, official residence and workplace of the head of government, the National Assembly, the Hotel des Invalides, the famous military school, the UNESCO headquarters and embassies in large numbers. The Socialist Party headquarters in the rue de Solferino. The wide tree-lined avenues and large public garden near the Champ-de-Mars imposed by the Eiffel Tower are also the charm of this place. The buildings and thriving populations with mode generally easy life. According to INSEE, the 7th arrondissement is home to the highest income households of Paris, ahead of the 16th district. Several companies with large terraces serve the east side of the military school with the vehicle entrance of the Ecole Militaire.



Transfer to the Ecole Militaire in Paris

The Military Academy is located at a distance of 18 km from Orly Airport, 32.4 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 80 kilometers from the airport of Beauvais.

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