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History and visit the National Museum Eugene Delacroix in Paris
National Eugene Delacroix Museum is a monument located in Pars, in the 6 th arrondissement, rue de Furstenberg Paris. Its inauguration was made in 1971. From a general point of view, the museum collects within its walls paintings, objets d’art from around the world, especially in Africa, and also autographs of famous personalities. Each year, the National Eugene Delacroix Museum receives thousands of visitors between 2006 and 2010, the number of visitors increased dramatically. The current official name is Dominique de Font-Reaulux, although the museum is independent, it also remains managed by the administration of the Louvre Museum.

The famous painter Eugene Delacroix once occupied the premises. It is for this reason that the museum named after him. In addition to his home, the building also served as his workshop. The painter moved December 28, 1857 and remained there for over 7 years, he died Aug. 13, 1863. The painter was already sick when he left the Notre-Dame de Lorette area. The reason for this change was due to the fact he wanted to be closer to the Saint-Sulpice church. The interior of the latter under his supervision. During the stay of the painter, it used the first floor as a bedroom, living room, dining room and library. As for the workshop, it was on the ground floor, it sometimes happened that the painter might serve in his garden as a workplace.

After the death of Eugene Delacroix, many other tenants have succeeded. Later, a new tenant had decided to turn the old workshop in garage, which inevitably involved the destruction of all infrastructure. Before the project, two painters and fervent admirers of Eugene Delacroix, Maurice Denis and Paul Signac had decided to save the former home of the painter. From this union was born a small organization called "Friends of Eugene Delacroix" and later many other supporters were added to the group.

The organization could not meet his needs and debts began to accumulate. It was expected that the organization must obtain financing, but it was not granted. The company then decided to sell all the collections, but he was not about to sell to anyone. To preserve the authenticity of the paintings, the best solution was to sell works of art to the French government. In addition to the collections, the state also bought the house in 1954 to make a museum later. A major renovation of the building was then performed before the museum opened. At first, he was there all the tables of Eugene Delacroix, later, added his sketches, the letters, the pictures and autographs of all the famous personalities (Baudelaire, Reisener, Gautier, Sand, etc.). who had known him before.

The opening of the National Museum Eugene Delacroix was also a great impact on the history of French painting. All events and various exhibitions held there are organized the same way as the Louvre Museum. Entries remain free so that the place will forever remain a historical place where the public can discover and admire the famous works of Eugene Delacroix, an icon of French painting.

Shared Taxi transfer  to the National Museum  Eugene Delacroix   in Paris
The National Eugene Delacroix Museum is located 16.6 km from Orly Airport, 34.1 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 89.3 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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