Shuttle Charles de Gaulle to gare Montparnasse


History and visit the Montparnasse station in Paris
Montparnasse train station is situated on the left bank of Paris, more precisely on the place Raoul Dautry, respectively in neighborhoods and Necker Plaisance, between 14th and 15th arrondissements. All being the head of the line and TGV Atlantique line train of N, it is the fourth largest train stations in Paris, given its traffic of 50 million passengers per year.
Since its inception in 1840, the Montparnasse station was refurbished for the third time so far. Currently, the station is quite different than it was before. It presents itself, from the outside, one more consistent with the architecture of the station. Indeed, it is surrounded by three large modern buildings containing 1,000 apartments and the headquarters of Air France. This is especially the project of the construction of the Tour Montparnasse which led reconstruction. In particular, it includes three stations accessible to passengers: there is the main railway station, which is opposite the Montparnasse Tower and provides access to the northern quays main station Pasteur, giving access to the south and Vaugirard station located on the right side of docks. With the glass façade called the "Gateway Ocean" from the main station, it is more noticeable. A slab-covered garden paths to the suburbs, which is built on the "Atlantic Garden." The large lawn square, decorated with a sculpture called "the island of the Hesperides," represents the ocean. All that is decorated with several fountains, and trees of different species.
The station contains 28 tracks dock. Mainline trains serve respectively in the cities of western regions and south-western, central and Lower Normandy France. There are also foreign destinations such as Spain and Portugal.
The station itself is a tourist site. You can visit the garden Atlantic, large murals Op Art painter Victor Vasarely. The district of Montparnasse and leisure venues are also to visit and as well as the Musée de la Poste.



Shuttle from Roissy CDG and Orly Montparnasse station in Paris
Orly Airport is 15.4 kilometers from the Montparnasse district, and to go to Charles de Gaulle airport, you must travel a distance of 37.7 km, and the airport Beauvais Tille, as far as lies 90.6 km from the railway station.