Shuttle from André Citroën Park to Paris airports


The park is divided into three parts. There is firstly the White Garden which covers a hectare. Scatters perennials, it is open to all those who want to walk or play. Then he has the Black Garden, with an area of ​​2 hectares. It is adorned with sixty fountains and large trees such as pine, oak ect. Finally, a large central park that occupies the greater part of the park in an area of ​​11 hectares. It is open to the Seine through its many fountains.

North of the park stand two monumental greenhouses. One is home to exotic plants and other Mediterranean plants. The northern part is lined with six gardens above which are placed six small greenhouses. They are called serial gardens because they each represent different themes such as color, metal, planet, a day of the week, a relationship with water and meaning. In addition to these six gardens, you can also see the garden’s Metamorphoses and garden movement that are both themed gardens. Visitors can view the site in height through a large captive gas balloon balloon called Air de Paris. It can fly up to five hundred feet high, with thirty passengers.

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