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History and visit the Rue Rivoli in Paris

Rue de Rivoli in Paris first and fourth arrondissement. It was in 1803 that this street was created, it links the rue de Rohan and the rue Saint-Florentin. It replaces the stables of the king in the room of rides and lots of Feuillants, Capuchins and the Assumption. The Hotel de Ville, the Tour Saint-Jacques la Boucherie, and finally the Tuileries are the main buildings that line the rue de Rivoli.

The construction of this road began in 1811. Capital was limited and the city of Paris found herself obliged to free lease of 99 years amphithéotique part of the lands of the way to complete the first part of the street. It could be finished in 1835. It was not until 1849 that work began after the opening of the Louvre. Several houses and streets have disappeared to allow the expansion of the nearby Louvre and it was not until 1856 that the end of the work ended.

The first part of the street is the Place de la Concorde to the Rue de l’Echelle, runs along the Tuileries Gardens and continuous terrace. The royal family who asked for help and protection August 10, 1792 crossed the staircase of 13 steps decorated with bronze animals Cain. The building constructed for the Ministry of Finance in 1811 left no trace. On the floor you still find inscriptions noting or stood the Manege, historic main meetings were held during the revolution, including the establishment of the first Republic.

The second part of the work started from the Rue de l’Echelle to the rue Saint-Antoine. They began in 1856 and took some time to be completed in 1861. For the first part of this street many streets were destroyed or included in the rue de Rivoli.

Mansions have also disappeared. Let those who have marked the history of the city, the hotel Gramont sold to the king in the eighteenth. The Hotel du Bourg formerly Hotel de Ponthieu and the counts of Flanders where Admiral Cotigny was murdered in St. Bathelemy in 1572 according to the inscription at No. 144.

Transfer to the Rue de Rivoli in Paris
Rue de Rivoli is located 19 km from Orly airport, 32 km from CDG Airport, 87 km from the airport of Beauvais


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