Shuttle transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport to Nogent-sur-Seine

Located in the Aube department, in the Champagne-Ardenne region, the town of Nogent-sur-Seine benefits from a rich history dating back to Gallo-Roman times. This ancient past testifies to the long occupation and strategic importance of this locality over the centuries. Archaeological remains in the region attest to human presence and activity from this time, marking the beginning of a complex and eventful history.

In 1442, the town experienced a tragic event when a major fire devastated it, a disaster which left indelible traces in the memory and urban landscape of Nogent-sur-Seine. This disaster marked a turning point in the history of the city, leading to reconstructions and significant changes in the architecture and organization of the city.

Conflicts have also marked the history of Nogent-sur-Seine, notably in 1814, the year during which a fierce battle ravaged the town, adding a dark page to its history. This battle is part of a series of events which have disrupted the lives of Nogent residents throughout the ages, testifying to the resilience and capacity for recovery of the city and its inhabitants.

Beyond these ordeals, Nogent-sur-Seine has managed to preserve and enhance its historical heritage, making the city a place of memory and living history. Today, it presents itself as a living testimony to the different eras it has lived through, offering visitors and residents a window into the past of Champagne-Ardenne. The richness of its history, marked by periods of prosperity as well as difficulties, makes Nogent-sur-Seine a privileged place of study and discovery for history enthusiasts.

Nogent-sur-Seine, with its blend of historical and natural attractions, is a delightful destination for tourists. During your exploration of the town, you will encounter both civil and religious architectural marvels that span several centuries, notably from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

The Church of St. Lawrence stands out for its fascinating tower and organ, adorned with sculptures by Ramus, Paul Dubois, and Alfred Boucher, each adding a layer of historical depth and artistic beauty to the structure.

Another highlight is the Dubois-Boucher Museum, established in 1902 and nestled in the town’s heart. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, it showcases a piece by Camille Claudel, drawing art enthusiasts from all over.

The city’s natural heritage, particularly Bassée, extends the major bed of the Seine, where visitors can encounter four nationally protected plant species, thirty fish species, and over two hundred bird species, emphasizing the city’s commitment to preserving its biodiversity.

Moreover, the town of Nogent-sur-Seine also presents Pavillon Henri IV, Sassot mills, and Hotel Valville, alongside the chance to explore Claudet’s house, Halle, and Olive Island, further enriching the visitor experience.

To facilitate your journey through Nogent-sur-Seine, our airport transfer service offers a variety of transportation options, including private cars, luxury VIP cars, and group transfers, ensuring a comfortable visit tailored to your needs.

Located 37 km from Sens and 95 km from Paris, Nogent-sur-Seine offers convenient access to major Paris airports. It is 115 km from Charles de Gaulle airport, 122 km from Orly Airport, and 191 km from Paris Beauvais airport, making it an ideal starting or ending point for travelers seeking to explore this historic town.

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