Shuttle transfer from Paris airports to La Châtre


History of La Chatre

La Chatre is a town in France which is located in the department of Indre and the Centre region. The name is derived from the Latin Chatre "castration" which means castle or fortified camp. She was struck by the plague between 1348 and 1349 years. January 29 until February 8, 1939, it was inhabited by Spanish leaks in front of the collapse of the Spanish republic.


Tourism and activities in La Chatre

La Chatre attracts many visitors for its remarkable heritage. It has many fascinating historical sites and monuments. You can visit the church of Saint-Germain, which was built in the late eleventh century. Then rehabilitated in 1904, the tower is 55 meters and the choir was renewed in 1461 by Jean Heart.

Explore also home to Pans wood is known as the red house built in the late fifteenth century. There is also another house which is called the house of wood pavement. They were all registered as a historical monument in 1926. Do not miss the memorial that is specified by the reproduction of a woman standing in front of a lantern dead. In the Gothic well, it is a very interesting application of the originality of Louis XII.

For relaxation, a walk to explore the garden Arboretum The Sédelle be perfect. Visit also the public garden of La Chatre.

Our transfer company offers you the opportunity to choose a transport vehicle that can take you to the picturesque places of the town of La Chatre. To you therefore to make the choice between collective shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car. A serious and helpful driver will accompany you along the way.


Transfer from La Chatre to Paris airports

Chatre is at a distance of 34 km southeast of Chateauroux and 256 km from Paris. It is situated 295 km from Orly airport, 327 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 395 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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