Shuttle transfer from Saint-Ouen to Paris airports


History and activities in Saint-Ouen

The city name comes from Saint-Ouen, a bishop of Rouen who had died in the house Clippiacum. This name may also come from Latin Aud’nus Dado who gave the name Audoniens the inhabitants of this region. The history of the city dates back to the Paleolithic. In fact, tools of this era were discovered, attesting the presence of humans. The Merovingian maquait the city especially early in its history. A royal villa named Clippiacum was installed in the region. In the thirteenth century a mansion was built in the city. It was directed by Guillaume de Crépy. In the nineteenth century, industrialization comes into play in the history of the town and follows by industries Farcot Godillot and not forgetting the installation of the water station. World War II affected the city and it took a few years to renovate and upgrade industrial buildings.


Tourism and visits to Saint-Ouen

The city of Saint-Ouen offers a multitude of sights very fortunate. Tourists can explore the city while visiting the most attractive sites that exist. The Church of Saint-Ouen-le-Vieux is a religious building registered under the historical monuments in 1933. It has existed since the twelfth century. Besides the church, the city has a beautiful castle directed by Jean-Jacques Marie Huvé. This castle was once a property of the lords of the region. Do not hesitate to discover the other sites such as Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, the Church of the Sacred Heart, the War Memorial and City Hall.

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Transfer from Saint-Ouen to Paris airports

The city of Saint-Ouen is located 2 km and 4 km Clichy in Paris. This destination is 19.8 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle, 20.3 km from Orly Airport and 80 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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