Shuttle transfer Roissy Charles de Gaulle to Rue Conté in Paris


History and visit the Rue Conté à Paris

Street Conté is a highway located in the area of Arts and Crafts. It is a street that begins in the third district No. 57 Rue de Turbigo and No. 1 rue Montgolfier to finish at No. 4 rue Vaucanson. This is a beautiful street in Paris which is 60 meters long and has a width of 15 meters.

Historically, this street was named in honor of St. Conte Nicolas-Jacques Conté. This was a great man for France and was known as both a chemist, physicist and painter. He was also the inventor of the pencil and participated in the creation of the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers. Morphologically, Conté street stops on the front of the main campus of the conservatory.

Street Conte serves as a liaison between the rue Vaucanson rue Montgolfier at the corner of the street Turbigo. Street took place on the former site of the Priory Saint-Martin-des-Champs. The place and the Rue Saint-Vannes, formed the enclosure of the abbey, had both gone to let appear the street Conté.

The creation of the street Conte went up to 1817 and made ​​its name after the ministerial decree issued in September 1817. View from the street Turbigo Street Conté exude an especially because rather modestly decorated buildings that surround it. The site where street County is served by the metro station Arts et Métiers. The mixture between modern buildings and beautiful cars lining the street Conté only enhance the charm of this street.


Transfer to the street Condé in Paris
Conde Street is 16.1 km from Orly airport, 34.2 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 90.5 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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