Shuttle transportation from Charles de Gaulle airport to Bar-sur-Aube


History of the town of Bar-sur-Aube

Bar-sur-Aube is a French town is located in the department of Aube and the Champagne-Ardenne region. Bar-sur-Aube has been occupied since ancient times. Following the French Revolution, it was designated chief town of the district between 1790 to 1800 years.


Tourism and activities in Bar-sur-Aube

Bar-sur-Aube is a town that has tourist sites and monuments must. Guided tours can be arranged to go to the discovery of the city under the authorization of the tourist office. For this condition, then you could visit ancient St. Peter’s Church. It owes its existence to a religious abbey was built in the town of Bar-sur-Aube at the time of the Middle Ages in 1076. Rehabilitations were made to the church from the twelfth century and through the ages.

The hotel sub-prefecture of Bar-sur-Aube is registered as historical monuments October 26, 1981. It was built in June 1115 by the Cistercian monk Bernard of Clairvaux. In 1804, it was redesigned to make it a penal institution.

Do not miss visiting the museums Bayel Arsonval and Colombey-les-Deux-churches. Also, explore the St. Maclou church, the Halles and the old town and the mill Surmont Top Marcasselles says. You also have the advantage of discovering the Regional Natural Park of the Orient Forest. It is a natural site that will satisfy those who feel comfortable in the open housing lakes and reservoirs nestled in the hollow of forests.

To visit the town of Bar-sur-Aube, tourists are encouraged to seek a transfer service. Our sign suggest you make the choice between our three comfortable and well-equipped cars, namely, private car, luxury car VIP and group transfers.


Transfer from Bar-sur-Aube to the Paris airports

Bar-sur-Aube is located 35 km northwest of Chaumont and 189 km from Paris. It is located 219 km from Orly airport, 254 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 327 km from Paris Beauvais airport.

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