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History and activities in Vincennes

The name of the city comes from the ancient name of the forest Vilcena or vita sana which means healthy living. Formerly, the city was a forest appreciated by the kings to the subject of royal hunts. The first developments of the city were marked by the construction of the Château de Vincennes in the twelfth century. This building later became the seat of power in St. Louis. To the Second Empire, the Bois de Vincennes were rehabilitated and become more green space in the capital. In 1880, the city tends toward industrialization.


Tourism and visits to Vincennes

The city of Vincennes is characterized by the historical sights and the most remarkable. The Château de Vincennes is one of the wonders to visit. It has been classified as a historic monument in 1862. This castle was built from the twelfth century and restored in the nineteenth century. The Dungeon of the Castle dominates the enclosure with its 5 floors. Visit to the Town Hall is also feasible. Tourists admire this beautiful building facilitated by the combined use of different types of limestone. During a walk, visitors can also see the large building of 18 courses Marigny at Vincennes.

Visit to the city would be ideal with a transport vehicle. However, the costs are quite high and we have to find other solutions at affordable prices. To do this, we offer our transfer service in the city of Vincennes price. A reservation must be able to choose the car that suits you from the collective shuttle, luxury cars and VIP private car. A good driver will ensure a warm atmosphere during your sightseeing trip.


Transfer from Vincennes to Paris airports

The city of Vincennes is located 1 km from Montreuil and 8 km from Paris. This destination is 14.8 km from Orly Airport and 20.1 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle.


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