Shuttle van transfer from Charles de Gaulle airtport to Allouis


History of the town of Allouis

Located in the department of Cher and the Centre region Allouis is a French commune. Many ruins have been discovered in the town include: a path that dates back several years, the remains of a Gallo-Roman village and a church. Allouis was equipped with a transmitter broadcasting since 1952 and as of 1939 it had benefited from the shortwave transmitters. Thereafter the suspension of the agreement between broadcasts of Radio France International in France, the use of shortwave radio was interrupted.


Tourism and activities  in Allouis

Allouis has many monuments and major tourist attractions. You can arrange tours to explore the different buildings and heritage of the town. It has a church that was classified as a historical monument in 1990. It is a church of Saint-Germain. It is a building which was built between the twelfth and nineteenth centuries. Do not miss the exploration of the Saint-Jean and the lands of the elm and mill Allouis. The castle of Fontaines classified as private property is also one of the oldest buildings Allouis. In addition, you can feel the plaisances a sports walk in the forest by tree climbing is proposed in a joint expedition. It is to move from one branch to another at a short distance to the ground. For your children, you have the advantage of going to open the castle cellar to attic. You’ll find a gallery of toys, stables with horses and a petting zoo.

At Allouis, it is possible to obtain a transfer vehicle to visit the sights it has. For this reason our company exists. We specialize in the transfer service through three categories of cars including the collective shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car. These cars can be selected when booking.


Transfer from Allouis to Paris airports

Allouis is 14 miles southeast of Vierzon and 190 km from Paris. It is situated 218 km from Orly airport, 250 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 318 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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